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matthew currie astrology young pope(This is Part Two of a three-part series on Neptune and the Divine Feminine. Part One is HERE.)

Lenny Belardo was dropped off at an orphanage when he was about eight years old, never to see his parents again. Despite the caring upbringing he was given at the orphanage by Sister Mary, Lenny’s resentment and abandonment issues grew, to the point where he became a difficult young man to deal with: conservative, but not in a constructive way. Wounded, and not caring to hide it.


I was not raised Catholic. In fact, I wasn’t raised much of anything, religion-wise. I think that’s part of the reason why I have an appreciation of Catholicism that many who were born to it may not have. Yes, lots of people have legitimate complaints about the excesses of The Church, but I think that a clear-eyed look at history shows that any religion or belief system (especially once it reaches a threshold value of power and influence) can and will go off the rails. That’s not religion, that’s human nature.

I have a real love for The Virgin Mary. There are lots of different branches of Christianity, and they all (obviously) have Jesus in common. But Catholicism has a special place for Mary, the mother of Jesus — and by association, a special place for The Divine Feminine. It seems to me that this is something too many churches (and too many people) overlook. Maybe it’s because The Feminine Principle by its very nature doesn’t shout its presence.

What we consider to be “feminine” in astrology is ruled in part by The Moon and in part by Venus. These are both planets that (in their own ways) can loudly demand your attention when they are under pressure or are being neglected. But, Neptune? The influence of Neptune is larger and more diffuse (yet no less real) than The Moon or Venus. Neptune is more like a warm bath that one slips into. Say what you will about warm baths: you can enjoy them, you can drown in them, but I’ll bet one has never shouted at you.


Lenny grew up and became a priest, and eventually Pope — the spiritual leader of over a billion people around the world. He is cantankerous, difficult to persuade, opposed to reforms, and eccentric. His position may be a spiritual one, but (like everyone else on Earth) he is subject to the personal demons of his upbringing.


Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of women discussing their relationships with men in terms of “having to do his mother’s job for her.” There’s often a lot of truth to that, but such a blanket statement risks overlooking something that should be obvious: we all came from a mother somehow, and we all are programmed from birth to need the nurturing a mother represents — whether we get it or not.

Neptune’s function, in terms of the Feminine Principle, is to represent that nurturing we all need, but on a deeper and different level than simply feeding us and changing our diapers. That’s the role of The Moon. Neptune doesn’t pat us on the head and reward us with a cookie for a job well done — that’s Venus in action. Neptune is the higher compassion that the Divine represents. Neptune feeds your dreams, and it is the sacrifice without expectation of reward. It’s the thing that is bigger than us yet compels us to be part of it — not run from it as we do (and should) with so many things that are larger than ourselves.

And in the end, if we let it — it redeems us, makes us better people, and as a result moves the entire world one tiny step closer to being its best possible self.


Lenny — now known to the world as Pius XIII, Vicar Of Christ, Keeper of the Keys Of Heaven — is vexing to his staff and to the world in general. He seems to take delight in overturning the reforms his predecessors brought into place. Sometimes this Pope even tells people he doesn’t believe in God at all, and we can never be entirely sure if he means it or he’s just saying that to be startling.

But when he overcomes this… when he side-steps himself and his issues and simply communes with The Divine in a spirit of total sincerity? When Lenny loses himself and his Earthly issues — that’s when miracles happen.

Give it a try yourself some time.


Next Time: Neptune And The Feminine Principle, Part Three — Santa Clarita Diet: Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch


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