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matthew currie astrology moonlight oscarNEW RULE: I’ve said before that with an Eclipse, one must “expect the unexpected” (see my notes on the Oscar Eclipse HERE). From now on, the general interpretation rule is “expect the unexpected, but not necessarily the kind of unexpected you might normally expect.”


Well now… that was dramatic, wasn’t it? Last night’s Academy Awards Ceremony happened hours after a Solar Eclipse, so “unusual events” were more likely to happen. One could certainly argue that Moonlight winning Best Picture (when the conventional wisdom all pointed to La La Land, which had a record-setting 14 nominations) was pretty unusual. But at the same time, that Eclipse was in effect for everyone on Earth that day, and it’s not like everything everywhere went spectacularly wonky. So: why did last night’s Moment of Weirdness happen, when presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner?

The mundane answer (apparently) is that the Oscar’s are a well-oiled show business machine, with backup envelopes with the winner’s names in the event of something going wrong… except that the backup envelope for Best Actress was handed to Beatty instead of the primary envelope with the Best Picture winner in it. Emma Stone still had the primary envelope with her name in it for Best Actress, in case you were wondering.

(Note to all my avid conspiracy -friends: big and complicated plans — whether sinister or not — go astray all the time. Innocent victims get killed and planes crash and documents leak without the help of any Invisible Hand behind it all. Remember that the next time you give credit to any huge, flawlessly executed scheme to hypnotize you into worshiping the Reptoids, or whatever.)

One of the more interesting features of the astrology of Oscar Night was an exact Mars-Uranus conjunction, exactly opposite Jupiter. In fact, you could make a case for that being the big aspect driving the day even more so than the Solar Eclipse. And remember: if a Big Aspect is going to trigger an event, it usually happens alongside smaller transits. Even the position of the local Ascendant and Midheaven can come into play, and that’s exactly what happened around 9:12 PM Pacific Time in Los Angeles last night.

So, as I see it: someone got impatient (Mars conjunct Uranus) and too carried away with things to pay attention to detail (the Jupiter opposition). All this action at 22 degrees Aries and Libra came into play as the envelope was being handed to Warren Beatty so that he and Faye Dunaway could announce the winner.

And then, as 22 degrees Libra (exactly!) was coming up on the local horizon, squared by the local Midheaven at 25 Cancer, what happened? Well, Warren (whose Jupiter is at 24 degrees Capricorn, forming a big messy Grand Cross with the local transits) opened the envelope and saw the words “Emma Stone – La La Land.” He seemed confused (rightly so) — in fact, Faye Dunaway thought Warren was doing some kind of comedic bit. Warren showed the envelope to Faye (who has her Sun and Mercury at 24 and 26 degrees Capricorn — thus feeding into the Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Ascendant-Midheaven conflagration) who read out what she saw there — La La Land.

Looking at the chart for the Oscars about three weeks ago, “things getting weird” was to be expected. The mistake I (and many others) made was assuming this would be some loud or out-of-hand political statement, since “political outrage” is The New Black of late. But of course, sometimes The Universe gets its own ideas and does what it wants, doesn’t it?

Repeat after me: “expect the unexpected, but not necessarily the kind of unexpected you might normally expect.”

Now, having said that: I didn’t make any formal predictions, but I did say (go ahead and look again if you haven’t already) that “Mahershala Ali, who stars in Moonlight, appears to be having some really great transits, as is that film’s director, Barry Jenkins,” so yeah, I can stand by that (Ali won Best Supporting Actor, Jenkins won Best Adapted Screenplay)… but don’t worry, I won’t do so many victory laps over the matter that I become a Wee Willy about it. You’re welcome.

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