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matthew currie astrology oscars 2017Once again, the time approaches when many of us make predictions, and are equally annoyed by the results whether we’re right or wrong: The Academy Awards.

This year’s ceremony begins at 5:30 PM on February 26th this year, in Los Angeles. What’s really interesting is that the ceremony starts a few hours after a Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces, and comes a couple of weeks after the Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo (more on those closer to those dates).

It’s interesting to note how this might affect the awards ceremony itself. Last year, I managed to track down a proper date, time, and place of birth for the very first Academy Awards ceremony (you can see it HERE). Note that the Solar Eclipse is happening closely opposite the Oscars’ Moon. That might be an indicator of trouble, but then again that Eclipse is happening below the horizon of the Oscars natal chart, and one of the old-school rules for interpreting an Eclipse is that it has more effect if it falls above the horizon in your chart. Nonetheless, that opposition is to the ruler of Oscar’s Pluto, and as I mentioned last year the Oscars are having their Pluto Opposition.

As for my predictions? I may have more once we know who the nominees are, but you’ve always got to be careful when speculating without a confirmed time of birth, and that’s often the case with these things. Don’t make the same mistake that many astrologers did with A Certain Large Historical Event that happened recently (and if you do get it right, don’t be a Wee Willy about it). However, two things stand out:

  • Mahershala Ali, who stars in Moonlight, appears to be having some really great transits, as is that film’s director, Barry Jenkins. I haven’t seen Moonlight yet (and most people haven’t), but Mahershala Ali was awesome in Luke Cage (see my article about Luke Cage HERE).
  • It doesn’t matter what you or I think, the Oscars often nominate films that people will still be watching ten or twenty (or more) years later — but those films are rarely the ones that win.

This means (of course) that Arrival is going to get stiffed, and (as many are predicting) La La Land will probably win big. Here are some examples…

-Actual winner: Ordinary People
-Nominee that people still actually watch: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

-Actual winner: The Last Emperor
-Nominees that people still actually watch: Fatal Attraction, Moonstruck

-Actual winner: Dances With Wolves
-Nominee that people still actually watch: Goodfellas

-Actual winner: Forrest Gump
-Nominee that people still actually watch: Pulp Fiction

-Actual winner: Shakespeare In Love
-Nominee that people still watch: Saving Private Ryan

…and so on. I plan to be annoyed by this well in advance, as I was with the lack of major awards for Mad Max: Fury Road. Twenty years from now, that will still be a classic… and as for the actual winner, Spotlight? Go ahead: if you’ve seen both, tell me which one was more memorable. I dare you.

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