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Assigning astrological features to a fictional character is one of those things I have mixed feelings about. It can be a way to reinforce certain stereotypes about any given Sign, and that’s never fair in real life when you’re talking about one individual member of any given group. Not every Scorpio is vengeful, not every Capricorn works in finance, and so on. If you tell me all Tauruses are calm and peaceful creatures, I will show you a Taurus (with Mars opposite Uranus) who is kind of a maniac. It also gives too much credence to the notion that the placement of the Sun in your birth chart is the only thing that really matters.

Having said that: I appear to do that sort of thing all the time. Nonetheless, it is my contention that in all likelihood Luke Cage is an Aries, and I even have some proof.

I have written before about how the first release date of a film or a fictional character has some bearing on the financial success of that film or fictional character, and can even reflect the personality of that artistic project. If you want to know why it is (personality wise) Luke Cage reflects classic Aries traits, please refer to this brief video clip.

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As with most fictional characters, Luke Cage has a birthday of sorts: the day and time that character made his or her first appearance in print or on film for public consumption. Luke first appeared in Luke Cage, Hero For Hire issue one, published by Marvel Comics. The issue itself has a cover date of June 1972, but this is not his birth date or rather date of first publication at all.

Back in the bygone days of my youth, when superheroes meant comics that arrive every Friday at the corner store, those comics always had a publication date on the cover between six weeks and three months ahead of the actual publication date. This was done so that if a new comic was printed in February and then hit the shelves in the middle of February wouldn’t get returned to the publisher as unsold when March First rolled around.

I’ve been able to determine that the character of Luke Cage first rolled off the presses in April of 1972, likely in the first three weeks of that month. At the time, Marvel printed its comics with cover takes six to eight weeks ahead of the actual date they were printed. This means that odds are good that Luke Cage is, in fact, an Aries. That certainly suits the character. But beyond such personality based speculation, an April 1972 birth date for the character explains why the new Netflix series based on the character has been such a success.

We don’t have a date or time of first publication, but we know that in April 1972 the following planetary positions were in effect:

  • Mars was between a 3 and 21 degrees Gemini
  • Saturn was between two and five degrees Gemini
  • Pluto was retrograde between 0 degrees Libra and 29 degrees Virgo.
  • The last Eclipse before April 72 was on January 30th, with the Sun at 9 degrees Aquarius and the Moon was at 9 degrees Leo.

When Luke Cage was first released on Netflix, it was the early morning hours of September 30th in North America. At that time the Moon had just entered Libra and was approaching the conjunction with Jupiter at 4 degrees Libra and the Sun at 7 degrees Libra. In other words: there was a Sun-Moon-Jupiter conjunction in early Libra that was making positive aspects to literally half of Luke Cage’s birth chart / first publication date.

This, astrologically, shows how a relatively obscure comic book character could, forty-four years after his first appearance, become such a massive success that “he”/the show about him crashed Netflix in many parts of North America and Europe… something that’s never happened during the release of any of their other highly-watched series or specials.

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