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FirstOscarCeremony1929WRIGC4The Academy Awards 2016 ceremony promises to be the usual pageant of glamour and excess and congratulations and egos, and all the things we have come to expect from it. But this year the Oscars are facing an unusual astrological challenge: its Pluto Opposition.

Opposition transits can be all kinds of stressful. The one we’re most familiar with is the Saturn Opposition (which doesn’t get as much press as the Saturn Return, but can suck nonetheless). Even the little ones, like your Sun Opposition (which happens to everyone once a year, six months after their birthday) and the Moon Opposition (which happens once a month) can be tense: they don’t portend bad news in and of themselves, but can make a difficult time even more challenging.

We all face a Sun, Mercury and Venus opposition once a year (but that’s variable, and thanks to retrogrades you can actually have two or three Mercury or Venus Oppositions in a year). The Mars Opposition happens roughly once every 18 months, Jupiter Oppositions happen once every six years, and Saturn oppositions hit us every 14 years. And hey… live right and eat your veggies and you’ve got a decent chance to make it to your Uranus Opposition around the age of 84 or 85. Each of these transits is a reflection of the nature of that planet in your Birth Chart: for a day or so every month, you’re going to be a little more emotional than usual when your Moon Opposition hits, your energy levels and sex drive will go wobbly when the Mars Opposition hits and so on. But what the heck could a Pluto Opposition mean?

(A few of you eagle-eyed science fans out there may be thinking “hey… if Pluto has an orbit of 248 years, how can the Oscars be having their Pluto Opposition if this is only the 88th year for them?” Good question, and here’s the answer: Pluto doesn’t have a perfectly circular orbit, and the closer a planet gets to the Sun the faster it moves. Pluto only takes about ten years to get through Scorpio, but around thirty years to go through Taurus.)

We don’t have a whole lot of hands-on experience with Pluto Oppositions because of this orbit, and the fact that it was only discovered in 1930. But based on our knowledge of both Pluto and how oppositions work, we shouldn’t be too surprised if this year represents some kind of “life and death struggle” … or at the very least, the culmination of a life and death struggle… in some sense, for the Academy Awards.

Backing this contention are the other transits the Oscars Chart is having. It’s pretty difficult to determine a birth chart for an abstract concept like “show business,” but the Academy Awards Ceremonies in general have a very distinct “date of birth”: May 16th, 1929 in Beverly Hills, California. I haven’t been able to find an exact time of “birth” for the Awards, but a couple of hours of digging through the Internet (oh, the things I do for my Dear Readers!) reveals that the first Awards were likely presented around 9 PM, after the gala dinner. The first Oscar Awards had Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, both ruled by Venus in Aries, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they had a “feed me first” approach back then.

If we take that first Ceremony as the “birth” of the Oscars Ceremony in general, that birth chart is having some really stressful transits this year. Transiting Uranus is conjunct the natal Venus, and since Venus rules the show’s Sun and Jupiter this could be particularly disruptive and unpredictable. As of February 28th, 2016… when this year’s Ceremony will happen… transiting Saturn will be square the natal Moon in Virgo and opposed the natal Mercury in Gemini. If this was a person instead of an abstract concept, that person would likely be facing a major emotional crisis — one that this person would have a hard time thinking his/her way out of. Also, if I’m right about the “time of birth” for the Oscars, Mercury is the ruler of Oscar’s Seventh House… “partnerships” (or in the case of an awards ceremony, “the audience”). None of this spells good news for the 2016 Oscars.

That, and in a time of increasingly fragmented movie markets, an Oscar Boycott is brewing.

NEXT TIME: The chart for the 2016 Academy Awards Ceremony. Will everything go smoothly? HINT: I wouldn’t be writing a Part Two to this article if they were, would I?

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