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LAST TIME: I answered a reader’s question about her confusion around a career path (click here to read it). Now, I’ll demonstrate how it’s all put together.

"You like animals," they all said. "You should work with animals" they all said. "You'd love it!" they all said...

“You like animals,” they all said. “You should work with animals” they all said. “You’d love it!” they all said…

So, my dear BC… after reading my delineation of how your birth chart can point the way to a careerdid you notice there were no quick and easy answers in all that? No “you’d be a perfect dog groomer” or “you should go into sales” or “you’d love being a doctor”? There are two good reasons for that. First of all “career” is a lot harder to figure out now (astrologically and otherwise) than it was 500 years ago. Five hundred years ago it would have been simple…

“So, your mother married a farmer, her mother married a farmer, her mother married a farmer… so, you should marry a farmer. That’s your ‘career path.’ You’d better get right on that. Hey, I have a nephew who’s a farmer. I’ll call him.” (leaning out the window and shouting) “Hey Jedediah! I’ve got a twenty-one year old spinster here for you! Come and get her before she withers away!”

I’m glad that’s all changed, aren’t you?

Second: jobs are simply not that straightforward anymore. We’re all told that we need to keep changing and learning and adapting to circumstances. Thus, the “ideal job” for you may not even be something that An Old Guy like me has even heard of… or it may not even exist yet. Good thing for you that you have that 10th House Aquarius and you’ll likely be a lot more adaptable than most.

So, my advice? Roll with it. Don’t pressure yourself now to have a sense of direction. Now, how do I justify that answer? I have an astrological basis for telling you to relax and wait for the path to find you, as opposed to hacking through the bushes trying to find the path at this time. Remember when I said that the Saturn transit which is currently obscuring your sense of direction would be over with by January? That’s true, but after that point your career-related transits just get more interesting.

Here’s the punchline to my entire response: transiting Pluto is hovering around your Midheaven — that little inner voice that keeps asking “what should I be when I grow up?” no matter what your age is — and will be within conjunction range of it until 2020. That, and transiting Neptune is only now approaching your Sun-Saturn conjunction. That transit will be affecting you from early/mid 2017 until… are you sitting down?… about 2022.

Now, before you jump out the nearest window, let me explain: this is actually very good news. What this means is that, in a world where ever-increasing change demands more flexibility from us as individuals, you are going to be undergoing a process of mutation where both your career direction and you yourself as a human being are changing. Congratulations! You’re almost certainly going to come out of the next decade on the winning side of things, no matter how many times life moves the goal line in the meantime. So whatever it is you ultimately end up doing with your life, I think you’ll do well.

And remember, when that glorious Whatever-It-Is materializes in your life… a lot of successful people have an astrologer on retainer. Keep me in mind!

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