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BC writes:

“Just wanted to ask for some help on my career house. Being born during the time that everyone had Uranus in conjunction to Neptune, mine is in my 10th house in Capricorn. With my Sun in Pisces (12th house) and moon in Leo (5th house) I’m just having some issues figuring out what I want to do because although I’m 21 and studying at university, I don’t feel a strong enough passion for anything. I was just wondering if there are any strong indicators you could see from looking at my chart that could tell you what areas I could possibly go into? I just feel very stuck at the moment.”

Dear BC:

Before I move on to actually answering your question, let me stand things on their heads a little. If you’ve read much of my stuff, you know I’m a fan of Whole Sign Houses. Even if you knew that about me, go read this again, about career guidance and the birth chart of George Lucas.

To me, your chart is a good example of why the interceptions found in Placidus Houses may have some psychological validity, but they aren’t as much use when it comes to practical and observable results. If one only uses modern rulerships, your intercepted Aries leaves your natal Mars sounding half-hearted at best. And yes — already ahead of you on this one — you probably thought you were reasonably intuitive because of Sun and Saturn in Pisces in the 12th House. Well, I say it’s because Mars rules your 12th House and it’s conjunct the Moon. So there, ha!

I’m not too surprised at the lack of direction you’re facing at the moment. Transiting Saturn is conjunct your Jupiter, and you are having your waning Saturn Square, so that whole sense of being in the right place and time in your life is going to be hard to find. Don’t panic though: Saturn will be done messing with you that way by January.


When we look at work/career in your birth chart, BC, there are three main factors to consider:

  • The ruler and condition of the 6th House, which is work habits in general,
  • The ruler and condition of the 10th House, which is career in general, and
  • The Midheaven, which is related to career but has a larger “what are you doing with your life?” vibe going for it (yes, the MC and the 10th House are two different things).

When we look at your chart, here’s what we see about your best possible career path:

-The ruler of your 6th House (Venus) is in your 10th House. This is a good overall indicator that your work habits will support your career well, and that whatever you do will benefit from attention to detail.

-The ruler of your 10th House (Uranus) is in your 9th House. Uranus tends to make things a bit of a wild card whenever it shows up, and since yours isn’t strongly aspected (for good or ill) you may find that ultimately you are best suited to work that gives you a lot of autonomy — or possibly self-employment.

-Your Midheaven ruler (Saturn) is conjunct your Sun in the 11th House. This tends to lead me to the conclusion that working with groups, applying some sort of care and/or compassion to people’s personal issues, and “people skills” in general would all be important to any job you do if it’s going to keep your interest and give you satisfaction.


NEXT TIME: the thrilling conclusion, in which Your Friendly Neighborhood Astrologer puts it all together and comes up with some solid advice.

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