beliefnet astrology matthew currie geminiLast time, we discussed how Venus in Gemini can talk her way into or out of all sorts of situations and how you can use that to your advantage. Today we;re going to have a look at how you can use those language/romance/finance skills to your advantage… or at the very least figure out the dates when someone else is more likely to be pulling a fast one on you.

I have listed the exact date for each of the aspects in question, but they’ll be in effect for a day or two on either side of those dates.

April 14/15: Venus opposite Saturn

“All you need is love,” said The Beatles. “Love is all you need!” But do you know why The Beatles said that? Because at that point in their career they were all millionaires and had all the drugs and groupies they could manage, that’s why. You? Not so much. Brace yourself for a little potential loneliness and possibly a little added poverty.

April 19: Venus square Neptune

… And speaking of “drugs,” here’s Neptune. Yes, Neptune is a wonderfully spiritual planet, deeply connected to issues like karma and the Higher Mind and all that New Age-y stuff folks love. It’s also not the wisest planet to leave your romantic or financial decisions to, so be careful.

April 22: Venus sextile Jupiter

Celebrate good times – come on! It’s a celebration! Venus sextile Jupiter is about as soft and pleasant an aspect as you could possibly imagine, unless you’re trying to get out of a bad relationship or have spending issues or you’re a diabetic who just won a lifetime pass to a doughnut buffet. Unless that’s you, loaf around and enjoy it.

April 24: Venus quincunx Pluto

You have deep and powerful emotional needs. They require satisfaction somehow, even if there’s no clear path to doing so. Most romantic comedies follow the same basic formula: “meet cute,” followed by complications and misunderstandings, with a happy ending. In other words: if this was a Jennifer Aniston movie, we’d be about 25 minutes into it, and your date would be sitting next to you rolling his eyes and quietly wishing you were going to see Age of Ultron instead while texting his buddies for updates about their drinking plans for later, which probably won’t involve you and certainly won’t have anything to do with Jennifer Aniston and her stupid boss who keeps screwing up her dating plans.

April 26 Venus sextile Uranus

This aspect could really spice things up a bit. Bring a touch of excitement and the exotic into your love life, you’re cooking, or your financial plans. Everyone has a fantasy, and if yours involves “not being bored to death with the state of your love life” now is the time to do something about it.

April 28/29: Venus square Chiron

No one likes you Chiron. Saturn is harsh, but at least it can be addressed with hard work and discipline. But you, Chiron? You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny. Showing affection to you just opens up the door to vulnerabilities, and I’m sure everyone can dredge up a story or two from their childhood to tell you how much fun that is. And frankly, I’m just not in the mood for any “valuable life lessons about how we hurt the ones we love” today, so buzz off Chiron!

May 1: Venus semisextile Mars

I already described the significance of this transit HERE, so look it up, because frankly the semisextile isn’t an exciting enough aspect to get THAT much attention from me twice within a week, but this one is still kind of important.

May 7: Venus enters Cancer

Eventually, even Venus gets tired of the witty conversation and socializing and starts feeling like it’s time to get serious about things. Venus in Cancer is sweet and caring, but it’s also a little like Venus came home from the bar at 3 AM with a hickey on her neck while completely forgetting that it was her idea all along and she actually had a good time. “How stupid! Hickeys are for teenagers!” Venus berates herself as she tries to remember who those two different phone numbers written on that motel matchbook belong to. “Am I doomed to be forever alone?”

No you’re not Venus, no you’re not. But by now you’ve probably figured out the Prince Charming (wherever he may be) sure as heck isn’t at the bar at closing time, haven’t you?

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