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Mars is now in the early degrees of Taurus, and will stay there until May. Mars in Taurus has several excellent uses: it’s earthy, sensuous, and tends to have a long fuse until it blows up. On the other hand, traditionally astrologers consider Taurus a less-than-great place for Mars. Sure, Mars is relatively slow to explode in that Sign, but the things that will light its fuse tend to be emotional and hard to predict…. and once it blows, it tends to keep blowing. Mars in Taurus energy is relatively difficult to find a practical outlet for, unless what your life really needs is a machete rampage. Really though, you should ask yourself “is a machete rampage the best solution to this situation?”

No, really. Put the machete down and ask yourself that.

As mentioned last time, anyone born between the mid-50s and mid-90s will experience Mars in Taurus provoking their Uranus and/or Neptune and/or Pluto, which will make for a couple of days of edginess depending on your age and the rest of your birth chart. But other than that, here are some important dates for you to keep in mind while Mars is in Taurus. I’ve listed the exact dates each of the major aspects it will make, but add a couple of days before and afterwards just to be safe.

April 17: Mars square Jupiter

Mars square Jupiter is one of those days when (literally or figuratively) someone’s blood pressure is going to blow. You might be feeling particularly optimistic. You might find yourself suddenly becoming more ambitious. This aspect might give you the strength to overcome some particularly difficult obstacles, or you might just lose it completely and go ape on someone or something. Jupiter amplifies anything it aspects, and Mars in Taurus doesn’t really need any amplifying, thank you very much.

April 21-22: Mars trine Pluto, Mars conjunct Mercury

This is an excellent time to firmly (yet cautiouly) assert yourself via your words and ideas. It’s also an excellent time to open up your big yap and start a fight. Consider your goals, your target audience, and your alcohol levels before doing either.

April 28: Mars sextile Chiron

This could be an excellent time to confront the people and situations which caused you deep emotional harm in your past. Remember back in the 80s when it was popular to kidnap people from cults and deprogram/brainwash them into not being cult members anymore? People stopped doing that because, ultimately, it didn’t work. Contemplate that before you tie your mom to a chair in a motel room for a week screaming at her about that pony you didn’t get.

May 1: Venus semisexile Mars

What the heck is a “semisextile,” anyway?

I was a fat kid. Like, really fat. Every year they do have with the cold Field Day at school where everyone competed in various physical events, but of course I was never good enough to win anything. Nothing except tug-of-war anyway. I learned how to use my mass to my advantage for that one.

Anyway: despite this I always walked away from Field Day with more than one ribbon. The ribbons all said PARTICIPATED rather than WINNER or FIRST PLACE or even FIFTH PLACE. They do that sort of thing with kids just to boost their self-esteem apparently: give ’em something resembling an award for simply participating, and maybe no one will notice that the fat kid just isn’t all that suited to athletics.

That’s with the semisextile is, as far as astrological aspects go. It’s the “yes, you are an aspect too” award. It is when two planets that are 30° apart. Unlike than the square (which indicates an energetic but challenging connection) or the trine (which indicates a harmonious synergy between the two planets involved, the semisextile is more like “we were stuck in the same lineup and talked for ten minutes, and didn’t particularly get on each other’s nerves.”

I only mention this aspect because it’s a semisextile between Venus and Mars, and that’s usually good for getting frisky with romance and such. Yowza.

May 11: Mars enters Gemini.

Everyone is too exhausted from head-butting over their aggression and decide to just talk about it– or at least shout about it across the bar — instead. With Mars opposite Saturn for the next few days after it enters Gemini, good luck with that!

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