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So now that Venus is entering Gemini and leaving Taurus (which it rules) you might think this could affect your love life for the worse. That’s not necessarily so, for three reasons. First of all, you’ve got to keep in mind the aspects any transiting planet makes your own birth chart. Secondly: I personally feel that Venus in Gemini is a tragically underrated placement. And finally: Venus rules a lot more than just your love life. It also has a lot to do with money and luxury and comforts and loafing around rather than getting stuff done.

Now you know why Venus is so at home in Taurus.

Learning how to work with the current astrological conditions can make your life a better and more effective place. It’s what makes astrology practical and useful rather than simply being a novelty act. So let’s do that with Venus, shall we?


There is an entire subculture out there dedicated to a notion that is variously known as “speed seduction” or “pick up artistry.” It is a combination of neurolinguistic programming techniques, salesmanship, and a touch of flat-out creepiness that is dedicated to the notion that any guy can pick up women quickly, easily, and repeatedly by simply using the right words and making the right gestures at the right time. Like most things that sound too good to be true, it’s mostly too good to be true. However, there is some small truth to it. It’s no secret that people can be swayed in their opinions or actions by the right words at the right time. In my experience, when Venus is in Gemini these principles work a little better than usual. Gemini has a natural association with communication and verbal persuasiveness.

If you’ve ever watched a Gemini talk him or herself out of (or into) an awkward situation, you know exactly what I mean.

But please people: do NOT use your gift of gab for nefarious purposes. Personally I see no harm in using your newfound charms to increase your possibility of getting a date or negotiating a raise or improving your sales at work.

So: in my next blog entry only we will be outlining for you the exact dates Venus is making specific aspects to other planets before it leaves Gemini.

After all: astrology should be useful, right? I’ll be teaching an online Introductory Astrology course soon where. among other things, I will be showing students how they can make the current transits work to their advantage. Now, don’t you wish you’d signed up for that? Maybe there’s time. Write me and find out.

See? Salesmanship!

NEXT TIME: The details on the specific dates to best use the persuasive charms of Venus and Gemini and/or when to avoid being talked into something you’d rather not do.

Until then, here’s the song…

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