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Why is this article about Mars in Taurus appearing a few days late? Because Mars in Taurus does things on its schedule, not yours buddy. I’m in character, okay?


Mars is the planet that provides the most “push” in your chart. A lot of where and how that “pushing” happens depends on the Sign your Mars is in, and whatever Sign it is in at any given time tells us about the nature of much of the pushing that’s happening at that time.

Astrologers have never been big fans of Mars in Taurus. Sure, Bulls are powerful and muscular, and Mars likes that. But they’re also fairly stubborn and would rather lie around and do nothing but eat rather than get to work. Prompting a Bull to take action is potentially pretty dangerous. And if you don’t know this for yourself, go ahead and check it with any rancher you may know: BULLS REACT BADLY WHEN YOU GET BEHIND THEM AND PUSH THEM TO GO FASTER.

Do so and you’ll find that moving Mars in Taurus from its position, once it has made its mind up, is like moving a glacier with a soup spoon. In theory it may be possible, but I’ll bet you anything you get tired of it before the glacier does.


You know what? Never mind. I’m just going to sit on this and sulk for a while until Mars in Gemini in May and keep the Mars in Taurus forecast to myself. I don’t have to share anything if I don’t want to.

Oh wait — cookies! Writing these blog entries helps me buy cookies! Okay. Just don’t get pushy, okay?


You see, glaciers move incredibly slowly. At first you might look at this situation and think: “hey this thing is moving so slowly that I really could move it with a soup spoon, one little bit at a time.” Then you might look thoughtfully down at your soup spoon and think “yeah… just a little determination and this will work great!”

Get back to me after about a week of that and let me know how that’s working for you okay?

Of course, the effects of Mars in Taurus will depend on the various placements and your own birth chart. But know this: somewhere there is stubbornness to be encountered. For better or worse, it’s going to be there.

Example: in the case of my own chart, Mars in Taurus will (overall) be a much more of a good thing that a bad thing. Even so: I am prepared for some of the illusion puncturing power of Mars in Taurus to hit, because it will at some point in the next month or so be opposite my Neptune. Do you personally need to worry about the effects of Mars in Taurus? Maybe not “worry” but at least be aware of? Well for one thing: if you were born anywhere between the mid-1950s and the mid-1990s, Mars in Taurus will be opposing your Uranus or Neptune or Pluto at some point in the next month or so. That alone is bound to cause a few edgy days for you.

There is an excellent chance that this Bull Mars will bring you something good. But even so: there’s a good chance that something will also be trampled.

To all my friends and clients with other significant placements in Scorpio, or Leo or Aquarius, I salute you. I know you’ll make it through just fine. And you Tauruses out there? We’ll just have to keep the heck out of your way.

Let’s play the music for that shall we?

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