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Astrology that does not incorporate the human experience is essentially useless. As much as I try to treat it like a clear-cut and objective science, those of us who live out the perils and potential of our birth charts know that life in the real world occasionally gets messy and even ugly. Astrology can rise above and see beyond much of that, but is ultimately bound to our conditions and our actions.

This is something I addressed in my recent article about the Netflix series Daredevil, and how that series shows us the difference between the roles of Jupiter and Neptune in personal morality.

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One of the things I loved most about teaching an online astrology course is showing people how astrology really works and gets real, practical results. The subtitle to my personal blog is “astrology for life in the real world,” and that’s no accident. Astrologers inevitably end up discussing all sorts of things with their clients, much the way any other sort of counsellor would. Sometimes those things get messy. We like our laws and our morality to be clear cut and black-and-white, but life isn’t always like that, is it?

There is no morality inherent in astrology, any more than there is in any other tool. That’s something we impose with our actions and our judgments. A shovel doesn’t pay any attention to your motivations or intent. You can use a shovel to plant a community garden and feed the hungry people of your neighborhood, or you can use it to bash in your neighbor’s head and bury his body in the backyard. The shovel itself won’t care either way.


I’m going to be discussing the astrological compatibility of Mary Kay Latourneau and Vili Fualaau, who became unintentionally famous in the late 1990s because of her relationship that began when Mary Kay was Vili’s teacher — shortly after his thirteenth birthday. It is, as you might imagine, pretty remarkable. And it is very much a tale of Jupiter.

The subject matter itself is pretty disturbing to a lot of people. So before you read any further, feel free to pick any one of the following three moral perspectives on the subject. Just keep in mind that which ever one you choose won’t change the observable facts and it won’t change the astrology.


A) Mary Kay and her future husband Vili Fualauu met on the job in 1996, neither one of them expecting to find romance there. They were drawn to each other, and began a relationship (despite it being against the regulations). They’ve had their ups and downs over the years, and for cultural reasons they were kept apart, but nonetheless here in 2015 they are still together, still love each other, and have two beautiful daughters together, whether anyone approves or not.


B) Mary Kay Latourneau abused her position of authority and engaged in a sexual relationship with someone who she met when he was 12. As a result, she was convicted of statutory rape, went to jail, and upon her release violated the terms of her parole and engaged with her victim again. He’s been an adult for a long time now, yet the influence she held over him as a child is still there and they are still together, whether anyone approves or not.


C) Any combination of the above. whether anyone approves or not.


Now: if your chosen narrative is that these two were simply star-crossed lovers who overcame a lot of obstacles to be together, you still have to admit there were probably some huge moral lapses on Mary Kay’s part, plus an unquestionable breaking of the law. If you’ve decided that this was a pathological act of a person without a conscience, you’ve still got to admit that they are still together and all involved seem quite happy.

Either way, the astrology simply works. And like a shovel, it’s a tool that doesn’t particularly care whether you like it or not.

Now: if you can handle it, click here for Part Two. The astrology is fascinating and enlightening.

If not: that’s okay. Drop by some other time.

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