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(Wait! Before you go off on me about my approving or disapproving of the relationship I’m writing about — go here and read Part One.)


We are fortunate to have a documented date time and place of birth for Mary Kay (January 30 1962, 5:15 PM, Orange California), so we know what all the placements and rulerships are in her chart. Looking at it, everything about this chart (when it comes to relationships) is nearly a collection astrological clichés. They almost describe Mary Kay’s relationship too well.

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Then again, maybe I’m still not being objective enough. Did I mention your should read Part One of this first?

The part of the birth chart most associated with long-term romantic partners is the Seventh House. Mary Kay has Aquarius on the Seventh, which can be an indicator of “unusual marriage partners.” She has her Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter there. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct. This not only indicates a strong degree of focus on partnerships, but because of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction there is also some “benefit” to be had from them. Since Venus is the ruler of her Midheaven and is conjunct Jupiter, this indicates some sort of potential “fame” because of a marriage – although what she got is probably not what Mary Kay intended.

Furthermore: going by Whole Sign Houses, Mary Kay’s Mars is in her Sixth House. If you go by Placidus houses, Mars and Saturn are both in her Sixth House. This is significant because the Sixth House is the “Twelfth House of the Seventh.” Any given House rules a certain area of life, but the House immediately before that House can represent a sort of “blind spot” or an impediment to the House that follows it. Having one or both of ancient astrology’s traditional malefic planets in the House behind the Seventh could mean “trouble from a marriage.”

Just to make things really interesting, Mary Kay has Mars in Capricorn, which is sometimes associated with a significant age difference in partners. And — get this — since that Mars is in her Sixth and is the ruler of her Ninth House, this could mean “marrying someone you meet through work or daily activities.”

This was Mary Kay’s second marriage. The first one was apparently unremarkable, and had the usual occurrences of cheating and mistrust and such. Having said that: a note to all my married readers out there — if you want your marriage to last, don’t have an affair with a 13-year-old. Mary Kay says her husband cheated too, but at this point who’s going to listen to her about who made the big mistakes in her marriage?

We have an advantage over astrologers looking at this situation now, as opposed to those who looked at it back in the 90s when it happened. The other person in this story is now old enough that his name (and thus date of birth) can be legally publicized. How the relationship astrology (“synastry” is the technical term) works between the two of them is pretty fascinating.


We don’t have a time or even place of birth for Vili Fualaau, just a date: June 26, 1983, so I set his chart for noon at the place where he and Mary Kay met. We won’t be focusing on his House placements, but rather how the planets in his chart interact with Mary Kay’s chart.

As far as the very basics of compatibility go: any quick and easy astrology guide will tell you that an Aquarius and a Cancer are “not compatible.” They will tell you the same thing with a Sagittarius and Capricorn. But who among us is even perfectly compatible with themselves? When you put Mary Kay’s Moon in Sagittarius on top of Vili’s Jupiter, there’s some serious compatibility happening all of a sudden. Their Mercurys are trine each other, so there is a natural flow of communication. Her Mars is sextile his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which gives the relationship some spark. If Vili was born much earlier than Noon on the Pacific Coast, his Moon would make an even stronger sextile to Mary Kay’s Neptune, which creates a great deal of mutual empathy. If he was born later in the day, it would approach the conjunction with her Mars, which can make a relationship lively.

No compatibility is perfect though. Her Mars also squares his Saturn and Pluto. Many would make the argument that this means Mary Kay has a tendency to push Vili’s boundaries.


Astrological compatibility works regardless of the age of the people involved. Yes, anyone looking at the two charts without the dates of birth would realize that their Plutos are pretty far apart, indicating a significant age difference. But had either one of these people come to me now, at their current ages, and asked “how would a relationship work out? What about the age difference?” I would only be able to conclude that the compatibility works despite the years between them. And in fact if they had met now and began a relationship, the age difference might raise some eyebrows but wouldn’t be worthy of international attention.

If one is so inclined, one can always go further and further down the list of astrological factors between these two to find something to disapprove of. If an astrologer walks into a case with preconceptions to defend, there is always a handy Rolodex of 10,000 asteroids to rummage through until you find something that agrees with the astrologer’s perspective. One could always say something like “her Psyche is opposite his Eros. She’s using mind control to seduce him!” or whatever.This, frankly, is one of the reasons why I almost never use asteroids in a consultation. There are enough of them, and the roles if any in a birth chart are so loosely defined (and mostly covered better by the more traditional planets anyway), that you can dig up pretty much any excuse you want to find anything you’re looking for.

Using just classic astrological techniques clearly shows that Mary Kay and Vili have a strong attraction to each other, and the history of the relationship shows that nothing… not the law, not public disapproval, not moral outrage… has kept them apart.

And if you don’t like that, that’s entirely understandable. But if you’re angry at me for my interpretation of the astrology involved? Then go back and read Part One again.

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