of my favorite “quick” eating places is Panera Bread, which can be
found all over the country. Now, the former CEO of Panera is trying a bold experiment in generosity.

Ron Shaich has opened a restaurant in what was a Panera in St.
Louis. The Saint Louis Bread Company Cares Cafe offers a Panera menu.
But here’s the catch: You only pay what you can pay. Customers who
can’t pay are asked to donate their time, but this is not required. Others are welcome to give
more than the usual cost of their meal to support the charitable
effort. Shaich is hopeful of opening a Panera Cares Cafe in every
community that has a Panera restaurant.

What a fascinating
experiement! It will be interesting to see how it does. But, no matter the outcome, the world needs
more creative efforts like that of Ron Shaich.

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