Speed dating is taking the capital by storm, and being the newest craze in town, it has helped singles attain some of the most exciting encounters that are efficiently fast and effective.

Speed dating, apart from traditional dating, has become an avenue for singles to meet and mingle with each other. Here, you can brace your very own selves in preparation for the speed dating event. Of course, you don’t want to waste some precious minute of your time just thinking of the right questions to ask for some interesting conversation starters with your potential partner. What do you do?

Value the limited time.

You are only given a few minutes of time to spend it with the person in front of you at speed dating events. Since you’re pressed for time, examine closely the person you’re faced with and determine whether he or she should be put in your ban list or checklist. Physical attributes are the first thing to be scrutinized, so take note fast if the person creates a big impression at first glance or not. Of course, you must keep this only to yourself.

Don’t spit out boring questions.

Don’t ask your speed dater boring questions which could have him or her going through the front door later on. Make sure that before you even have the nerve to sit there and find the right match for you, make a questionnaire at the back of your mind answerable quickly. Don’t throw out deep-thinking questions that could lose valuable minutes of your time together.

Stay Safe When Speed Dating

Do you think you will find the perfect match? Don’t give your personal information in the beginning of your relationship or anything that can identify you such as using your email address as your username. Don’t forget that there are bad people out there, take it easy and look at your steps before it’s too late. Don’t share your private address before you really feel you know this person. Try to use anonymous programs such as Skype for video chat. Don’t give your phone number until you are really sure about your feelings to this person. You can close your “Caller ID” at your mobile phone or use a temporary phone number for your own safety because people can easily find your address by using online services for finding the personal information by phone number. Don’t get too close and trust your instincts. If you go at the toilet or leave your table you should not drink the same drink you left.

If you don’t like him/her, don’t be rude.

And instead you should make yourself stand out by projecting a positive energy. Smile at the person and let him or her know that you’re having a good time. Don’t make it sound too cheesy or fake though, it can be very disturbing as this gesture is easily seen.

Focus. Listen. Talk.

The person in front of you needs full attention. And even If you just talked to someone greater the turn before, forget them in the meantime, and value the person in front of you. You must keep in mind that you’re there to meet lots of people in fun orientations like lesbians dating, singles online dating, etc. Don’t let your eyes drift to the person coming up or the one that just left. Keep your doors open.

Be Open to Imperfection

We always want more. Get over it – you are never going to find the perfect guy. You are going to find the guy that will be perfect for you. This has nothing to do with looks, this has nothing to do with success – it’s about meeting someone who makes you laugh until you cry, and who makes you feel like a better version of yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short. The person you decide to commit to is meant to make your life better, not make your life. Don’t ever look back on a failed relationship and see the perfect in what was so clearly imperfect – it ended for a reason, let life happen. Move on, look forward, and wait for that diamond in the rough that just does it for you.

In Conclusion

Is faster better? Speed dating can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet people from all walks of life. But just because you spent a few minutes with your love interest, doesn’t mean you already have a grasp of knowledge about their personality yet. So a short acquaintance like a lunch or mini dinner at some coffee shop or rest would be the more proper way to learn about the person more.

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