During those hot times, you’re looking for great summer date ideas – something unique and fun that you can do to make the heat pass quickly, and really enjoy it.

There is so much you can do with the summer, but here are some of our favorite summer date ideas. When it’s beautiful and warm outside, you both deserve to enjoy yourself!

Community Pools

Did you know that many communities have pools that, for a small fee, you can go and enjoy all day long? Most don’t – it’s a well kept secret, but it doesn’t have to be. The pools are kept clean and safe, and most of them are at least an Olympic sized pool, if not larger.

After spending a few hours splashing around, take your partner to a calming, quiet dinner – if you go to somewhere that has a nice outside eating area, that’s all the better!

Outdoor Festivals

‘Tis the season, you know, for different festivals to be popping up all over the place. You’ve been stuck in a mall all winter, so get out and do something that’s fun.

You can buy wacky presents for each other as well and look at all the weird and wonderful attractions, and the fresh air might just do you good. Go to local bulletin boards around your community, and see if you can find any flyers for good festivals.

Buy them food there as a different sort of treat, or afterwards, take him/her to a small local diner and get some food there. This is a casual, fun date – don’t feel forced to do something big, and fancy. It will just ruin the mood.

Jet Boat Ride

Do you live near an ocean? Well, if you don’t, this crazy date idea can still work – but you’ll need to hop on a plane headed for the coastline. It’s okay, this can be a great weekend away.  Being one of the number one tourist destinations, many want to know how to plan a vacation to Florida. Florida’s amazing weather and attractions attract tons of people every year.  Florida has some of the best beaches, theme parks and wildlife. Jet boat Miami is the supermarket of water amusements and extremes. You will get exceptional service and an unforgettable experience.

Road Trip!

One of my favorite summer date ideas is, without a doubt, a road trip. Did you consider it? Grabbing your car, some clothes, and a little bit of cash, and heading out on the highway. All there is to do is listen to tunes, bond with each other, and just enjoy the weather.

You can go anywhere, but keep in mind driving distance. If you have a lot of time, try to drive to another coast – but if you don’t, just go to a beach, or fun landmark, for a weekend.

If you’re not comfortable in your car, make it extra special by renting one. You know you’re driving something that isn’t going to break down, and they’ll insure it in case anything accidental happens.

Remember to bring plenty of cash, and plan out your trip ahead of time… you don’t have to stay in a hotel every night if you’re strapped. Head to a camping ground one or two nights, and enjoy the outdoors.

Scare Fest

Ready for a truly spooky night out? Take your date out for camping – but bring a portable TV/DVD player. Roast marshmallows, eat hot dogs burned by the open fire, and even bring popcorn to try.

Afterwards, set up the TV and bring a bag full of scary movies – as many as you can find. Close your eyes and pick out a movie at random, then pop it into the DVD player. Make sure to bring plenty of blankets, and batteries.

Spend the entire night getting scared out of your mind with movies that will make you jump out of your skin. After a few movies in the dark woods, see if you can sleep!

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