gregory-hayes-h5cd51KXmRQ-unsplashLately, everywhere I look I see the terms Alpha and Omega being thrown around like an old sack of rotten potatoes. These are terms that are mainly used by men, especially pick-up artists, in order to describe the differences between a man that a woman would want versus one that she’d drop like a bad habit. According to these men, if you’re Alpha, women will flock to you and will even fight to the death with other women in order to win your affection. The Omega could fall on the floor and lay there and the women would just walk all over him like he’s an old rug.

The problem with these terms is that nobody really knows what constitutes what an Alpha male really is. Ask any guy and the answers you get will vary dramatically. One will say that in order to be an Alpha male you have to defend yourself or the woman that you love when necessary while another will say that Alpha males don’t lose their cool and instead will just walk away from a problem. Alpha males are also idolized as the ones who will walk up and approach a woman while the Omega will just sit in the corner sucking on his thumb, trying to stay out of other’s way.

These terms don’t take into consideration that every single situation that these men face is different and doesn’t really tell them how to handle them. Not only are the instructions on how men should act vague, but also very contradictory. Every so called expert out there has a different answer. By now you can see why so many men are confused.

These are all complicated terms invented by men because as everybody knows, men like to make things more complicated then they really are. They have to have a term and definition for this, or an elaborate theory for that. Maybe this originates from the days when men lived in caves and had to make spears out or animal bones and wheels out of stone in order to survive. Men like to feel good about being a part of something they invented. It makes them feel like they can teach others something that nobody else knows, causing them to feel important and useful in the advancement of our society.

I say that it’s time that we forgot about using these overused and useless terms and went back to the old fashioned term K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). Instead, let’s focus on how men can actually improve themselves and tell them how they can actually do it. There are times when men should be more aggressive in order to get what they want and other times when they should be more passive in order to prevent overdoing it and losing everything that they worked so hard to accomplish. Take for example, the dating world.

A guy sees an attractive woman that he’d like to talk to standing across the room from where he’s sitting. Now should he just walk up to her and immediately say I want to sleep with you, may I have your phone number? Or should he just sit there and stare at her until she feels uncomfortable having his eyes mentally undressing her? This is the time when both scenarios are wrong. He shouldn’t be too Alpha or Omega but more in between. He should just walk up to her, start a friendly and interesting conversation with her while showing how great of a personality he has.

But how does a man seem interesting and fun in the eyes of a woman? First he creates the type of lifestyle that not only women find amazing but also everybody else that is within or outside his social circle. Below I will address the most common problems that most men deal with on a daily basis and then give a brief solution to each one.

1. Every man should have something that he really feels passionate about when he’s talking about his interests. This passion should radiate out of him like electricity and everybody around him should see and feel it.

2. Men should have a positive, healthy view when it comes to women in general. At no time should a man put his ex down or any other women that he knows or sees, ever. He should always be polite to women while still standing up for himself and under no circumstances should a man physically or verbally abuse a woman. No excuses!

3. Controlling anger is another big problem that a lot of men have. Men need to learn how to control their temper, especially while in public venues such as bars where he may be intoxicated among other men. If a guy tries to pick up your woman there’s no need to start a physical fight with him, especially when he hasn’t really caused you or her any real harm. The only time you should get forceful is if you have to defend her or yourself from being physically harmed.

4. Have exciting hobbies that you truly enjoy such as traveling. Imagine telling her that you traveled from one part of the globe to the other while studying different cultures and learning how to speak 40 different languages.

5. Associate yourself with other people who you can be proud to be associated with. Wouldn’t it be great to know powerful people who run big corporations or work in important parts of government and can help you advance in your career or start that dream business you always wanted to start but never knew how?

6. Most importantly have balance in your life. Don’t just be all about work or the opposite, all about play. Be the type of guy that can get serious about work and making money in order to afford the type of lifestyle that he enjoys but also the type of guy that can drop work for a little while and go out and enjoy a little play time also.

I can go on and on about what makes a man more datable, but that would make this article so long you’d have to dedicate a decade of your life just to read it. What’s more important is that you learn the concepts behind what I’m trying to teach you. Forget about the general terms Alpha and Omega! Instead, think of being a man of action that actually has a social clue. Learn how to act socially acceptable while in social settings. Find a career, hobby, or start a business that you’re so passionate about that everybody around you can’t help but feel it also. Surround yourself with people who are more successful then you are and have them mentor you so that you too can learn how to accomplish your true dreams and goals. By becoming a better man, you won’t have to worry about stupid, made up terms. Instead, you will be capable of handling every situation you encounter, making you truly desirable to the opposite sex. And don’t forget to tell me your success stories, because I truly enjoy hearing them.

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