In the jungle, the lion isn’t the biggest, strongest, or fastest – but when he roars, you better believe that every other animal in the jungle stands up and takes notice. When the lion does this, he’s got one goal and one goal only: to establish dominance.

Humans, on the other hand, don’t roar, and the act of accomplishing goals are much more complex. You may not be the richest, smartest or most experienced person in the world. Instead, you must be the most focused, persistent and stubborn in order to dominate in a world full of hungry lions.

Daydreaming is a great way to start on your path of achieving goals. Not only is daydreaming great for visualizing your goals it can also be very healthy for you mentally.

Daydreaming can be a great way to escape the hardships of everyday life such as unemployment, poverty, and lack of family support. It allows you to imagine what it would be like to achieve your hopes and dreams, and keeps you from giving up on pursuing them.

Like the lion in the jungle, you must have laser-like focus. You must focus on your target, and not let any outside distractions stop you from achieving your goals. There will always going to be conditions that are going to make it tough to focus. Work, school, kids, and factors outside our control can all sabotage a well-laid out plan. It’s important to focus on what we can control and not be stopped by what we can’t.

Persistence is the most important quality to have at all. Plan an attack to conquer it and be persistent even if you fail the first attempt. There are going to be times when you’re stomped to the ground, dragged through the mud and left for dead. Life is an adventure filled with successes and failures. The only difference between the winners and loser is that the winners planned their path of attack and never gave up.

Don’t be afraid of life just because things are tough or certain dreams seem impossible. Take each goal and break it up into smaller pieces so that you can accomplish each one until they add up to big accomplishments. Go out there, learn new things and don’t be afraid to fail.

Eventually you will succeed, and when you do there won’t be anything left to stop you.

Be a lion and take control.

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