Some people are extremely dateable and others not so much. In between the two there’s plenty of grey to wade thru. I believe everyone has at least one person who’s right for them, regardless of their situation, condition, or sexuality. For those on one end of the spectrum, you may not have to do much to find a date, how ever on the other side, there’s plenty of work that must be done.

Everyone wants to date a sexy, hot, fit model. Unless you have the money, charm, wit, smarts and success, along with being just as hot, fit and sexy, your chances are slim. There are exceptions to the rules, and money, wit and charm doesn’t get you everything. Lets be honest, it gives you a great running start.

Today’s world leads us to believe that we’ll find the perfect person to love and care for us, just the way we are. For a long time I was naive to think I didn’t have to change anything to attract women. I was wrong, I had to work on a few things and change my approach, while keeping who I am intact. This meant changing my wardrobe, working out, and keeping a positive outlook to dating. If you want a particular job, you put in the hard work, get the certifications, and reach the milestones for that position. The same goes for dating, if you want to date a 10, you must be at least an 8. If you want to date a 12, you can’t be a 1.

This isn’t to discourage those who identify themselves as one of the many outliers society often discriminates upon; I’m just saying you have to work harder. Every person you meet has their dream person, their preferences, and their dislikes in whom they are seeking. Had I dressed differently, wore different outfits, or approached situations in a different manner, I would have had more successes than failures. For years I lied to myself that if I showed up, some woman would choose me as a diamond in the rough. Instead, I should have done more than just showed up, and made real honest attempts to play the game.

In reality, the money, charm, and wits doesn’t help you get the girl, it helps you get in. Being attractive doesn’t help as much, unless you know what to do with it. Work hard on the flaws that you have, wether physical, emotional, or personal, to improve the quality of your dating lifestyle.

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