Niche dating sites are a new trend that has been inevitable since the initial rise of online dating, and for good reason. The general dating sites can be quite an intimidating place to be, with vast amounts of members from all sorts of different backgrounds all with their own likes and dislikes and hobbies.

With that in mind, lots of different dating sites have arisen in an attempt to cater for a whole range of different interests, each with their own niche interests!

1. Niche dating sites cut down on the amount of filtering.

Compared to general dating sites, finding someone who holds the same amount of love for a specific interest takes a considerable amount of filtering. The advantage of a niche site, means that the interest is already something these potential partners hold dear, otherwise they wouldn’t have registered on that site in the first place!

2. Great community as all are like-minded people

Approaching a general dating site can be nerve-wracking as it’s a huge group of people who have a completely different set of interests, like and dislikes. As with any other large community, people don’t always get along. This can make anywhere, even a place that’s designed to bring people together a scary and lonely place to be. Niche interest sites however insure that everyone has at least one thing in common, which will result in a much happier and welcoming community.

3. You can be as specific as you want with your interests.

With so many dating sites out there, they all want to corner the market for their specific niches, as a result of this, more websites are being created to cater for different niches that may not have a site created for them yet. This means that if there isn’t a site for your specific interest yet, chances are that there will be at least one for it in the very near future.

4. Breaking the ice is considerably easier

Normally, one of the hardest things for most people whether it’s online or in a personal encounter in a bar, café or supermarket is to initiate contact for the first time. Admittedly this is easier on dating websites as the person will generally have a profile stating some of their likes and dislikes. On a niche dating website however, it’s considerably easier as you both already have something in common that you’re both passionate about. Starting and continuing conversations will come a lot more naturally.

5. Understanding your lifestyle

If your specific interest is something that influences your way of life considerably, like say a love of travelling or biking, the potential partners you will be approaching on these websites will already have the lifestyle similar to yours as their lives will be influenced in the same way. They can’t be put off by you wanting to ride your bike every Saturday if they want to do it too and as a bonus, you get a companion to ride along with you!

6. Niche dating requires fewer dates

The simple fact of having something that you both hold dear in common with one another makes establishing a rapport and genuine chemistry with one another considerably easier and faster than trying to achieve the same thing with somebody who holds something completely different as their main interest. This translates to being able to tell how successful your relationship with each other in a much smaller amount of time.

I find that niche dating has been nothing but a good thing for the online dating world and the benefits for all are very clear to see. If I were given the choice between a niche dating site or a general one, I would choose niche every single time.

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