Make Your Relationship Work


Quite frequently, my blog queue of questions involves random inquiries into whether its possible to tell if a particular suitor is interested. Most of the time these questions come from the ovaried lot, but every so often, ye of testes pontificate similarly. While grand, sweeping gestures are what most of us love to see as they don’t leave much room for misinterpretation, there are always subtle ways that you can tell if you’ve got somebody straight trippin’, boo.

  1. They actually want to know if you’ve made it home safely upon departure

I’ve come to realize that after you’ve spent time with somebody and its time to part ways, if nobody cares to know that you’ve made it home safely, then you are nobody’s Adam’s rib. Word to Tyrese. When you care about people you care about their safety and no place is safer than home. If somebody’s got some interest in you, you better believe that if you leave at midnight, a “yo, text me when you get home” is coming. And you should do it too. It’s sweet and a subtle way to know that your boothang is checkin’ for your mixes.

  1. Random tiny gifts

I’m not talking iPads. I mean the small things that indicate that they listen to you. You randomly throw out that you like a certain album but don’t own it for whatever reason and while they’re out in some place where they can get it, they pick it up for you, well, they’re interested. In what? Who knows, but there’s something there that made them think of you while they were doing them. All you do is win, win, win no matter what.

  1. They find odd reasons to touch you

I’m not talking about about grabassing, but more like, “hey, I like your fingernail color” and he grabs your hand to look at it more closely. Or “you need to clean your fingernails” and your boobed manicure afficionado decides she needs to hold your hands to inspect them thoroughly. It’s the little things. Ask India.Arie. Hell, she has a period between her name. You know she’s interested.

  1. Texting like a mad (wo)man

I realize that anytime all you get from your love interest are text messages, you may be inclined to think that they’re not feeling your feelings. However, if you get random, “howdy!” text messages in the middle of the day that means they’re thinking about you AND they actively did something about it. If I’m not interested in you, not only would I not think about you, I’d definitely NOT send you a text after NOT thinking about you. <—-See what I did there?

  1. They engage you in random flights of fantasy

Anybody who has an interest in you tends to find you…interesting. Deep. What that means is that they’ll engage even the most random and asinine of your ideas and play along. Which means that you have somebody who is open to figuring out where your mind can and will go. Which means that people who aren’t interested in you tend to shut you down fairly quickly or just plain ole don’t care about your imagination. Which means that these people are evil. Don’t marry them.

Yep, those are some subtle ways to determine if your boothang things that you could be their boothang as well.