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December 2018 Archives

This funny question dropped into the mailbox today. Yes, you should tell him — to go work for Applebee‘s.J Seriously, though, it depends on your guy. Is he a delicate flower who carries his fragile ego around in a padded, shock-proof […]

If you’ve ever been on an online date, you know that something about your first date is going to surprise you. They’re bound to be taller than you imagined them, or balder, or have a lisp, or be much … bigger […]

If I could go back and do my education all over again, well, I’d do everything I could to study whatever it took to become Jennifer Lopez’s nipple tweaker. It’s truly amazing what some people in this world get paid […]

Had an FB request come in during a chat, for a blog post about the stages of a relationship. Liked the idea a lot, but it ain’t normally my beat, not being something to be sarcastic about. So, I called […]

Every man is scared of a woman rejecting their advances. I was often paralyzed by my attempts to grab a woman’s attention only leading to a quick and simple brush off. Even the act of her saying, “no” grasped by […]

Many women believe by showing up to a date, they are guaranteed a second date with the same person. However, showing up and having a conversation with your date, doesn’t guarantee a second date. If anything, you’re barely performing the […]

I always felt that using sincerity to buy love isn’t sincerity. I came across incidents where people demanded, saying, I have done this and that for you, yet you have the cheek to treat me otherwise! They use what they […]