There’s no question that every guy should have at least one good friend of the opposite sex that he can turn to during times of desperate needs.  The question is, how do you be a good friend back?  There’s many things that can instantly change your status from great guy friend to creepy, nosey guy who needs to get a life.  However, with a few tips you should be well on your way to maintaining a life long friendship with the coolest girl you know, and believe me, you’ll need her!

DO…Be Interested in Her Life

Just because your friendship with her is different from the ones you have with your own guy friends, does not mean you should treat her differently.  They deserve as much attention if not more than your other friends because the friendship will be harder to sustain.  Listen to her problems and don’t blow them off as “stupid girl drama”.  It may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to her. Sometimes all she needs is someone to listen.

DON’T…Over Overstep Your Boundaries

Although you can help out in ways that her girlfriends cannot, know that not all issues are for you to solve. If she’s having a problem with a guy, make sure you know your limits.  It’s one thing to give her some input into the male mind but it’s another when you start telling her how to perform in bedroom.  The last things she wants to hear about is your new “helicopter thrust, upside down back flip” sex move just like you don’t want to hear about her new oral sex techniques.  Unless she asks, stay away from the details in each others sex lives.

DO…Share Your Thoughts With Her

You might not know it just yet but she’s going to provide you with some priceless information regarding women.  She’ll actually enjoy helping you conquer the female mind as long as you do it in good fashion.  However, for her to do so, you’ll have to come out of the man-shell that you live in when you’re around the boys.  Open up and her know what’s really bugging you.  She’s not going to judge your masculinity but rather figure out how to make you feel better.

DON’T…Get Drunk and Make a Move

Just because she’s cute, you’re having a good time at the bar, and you’re both drunk, does not give you any reason to believe that you can have some meaningless hookup.  Either she’s your friend or she’s not.  The friends with benefits things might work with other girls, but not with the one that you go to for all your advice.  If the sexual tension is high and mutual, maybe there’s more than a friendship hiding behind the curtain, otherwise, don’t even think about.  You’ll not only ruin the friendship, but you can also expect a really embarrassing rejection.

Photo by Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash

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