Are you waking up excited? Do you look forward to the task at hand? If so then congratulations, you are following your passion and you are better off than 90% of people who works at a soul-sucking job.

If you’re not waking up excited, and you do work at a soul-sucking job, then don’t fret.

There is a solution.

First realize that if you are not doing something you feel excited about, then no one is telling you to keep doing it. You have the right to say no and find something else you want to pursue.

Realize that it’s okay to say no.

But before you make that decision you need to make it with a good conscience. Are you making this decision solely because you wholeheartedly do not feel passionate about it?

Loads of people are passionate about what they do, but they just let their own small mindedness or laziness kill the drive to pursue it any further. You do not want to become a part of that crowd. You want to give it all for your something you really want.

Don’t just give up on working out and your dream physique, just because things get a little tough. Realize anything worth getting won’t be easy. So if you can truly tell yourself that you are not quitting because of laziness nor lack of motivation, then you are good.

Most people think that working is a chore. It’s a means to an end and you’ll get your reward in the future.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

We tend to turn the joy of physical exercise where we freely express our bodies, into a series of checklist and strict planning, while breaking a sweat on metal bars and high-tech rat wheels.

We turn the expressions of words and forming of meaningful pieces, into yet another generic article set for a deadline date.

We forget the joy of walking outside on a wonderful sunny day, and turn it into another time-consuming chore for daily groceries.

When is the last time you did something and felt the excitement? You just wanted to get started; get your head down and grind. No fulfillment. No restrictive task. No manuscript to follow. Just pure expression in the art.

You see everything is an art nowadays. You’re job. You’re workout. When you’re in the kitchen fixing something up for lunch. However, for the average person, it reaches a point where we replace the pure joy of expressing ourselves through the art with mundane checklist, task and comparisons.

Ever had a moment when you were a kid, you just got a new bike and you just love riding it. You would go anywhere with it. The freedom to roam, the freedom to go anywhere you wanted to. You were in the moment and enjoying it. However one day you see another kid with a cooler bike. You start to compare your bike to his. You pass judgment on it. It’s not as cool. It’s not as fast. It doesn’t have 5 gears. Now you don’t really use the bike to roam around anymore. You use it for your mundane paper routes. You use it because it’s faster to get down to the groceries store with it, then without. You’ve replaced all the initial joy of riding a bike with mundane tasks and judgment.


Liberation from routines and mundane tasks

After the realization of how my approach affected the things I was pursuing, I had to do a radical change of thought. Before I saw working out as a means to get that killer physique and become strong. While that is still a goal I wish to achieve; I no longer see it as the purpose. The purpose of me hitting the weights is an act of expression. Is the act of moving my body with joy and creativity.

Does that mean I don’t have a workout plan and just, wing it?


I do have a workout plan (A 3-day-split to be precise) but I do not let myself get bounded to it. I switch exercises frequently so it doesn’t get boring. I stick to exercises I love doing. I don’t judge myself when I didn’t lift as much as I could the other day. I don’t compare my physique to the next man. I don’t view working out as mundane task nor a means to get my dream physique, that is just a bonus from the art of expressing ones body.

Tediousness comes from the desire for routines and planning. When we go by our day and know exactly what’s coming at us.

When we allow ourselves to get fixated into routines, our natural excitement dies like a fire without oxygen. To feed our natural excitement we must allow openness. We must allow curiosity to try and discover new things. We must be present and not wander in the past or future. Only the application of these 3 elements can we allow excitement back into our existence.

Fueling our excitement

So now it’s time to embark on bold and exciting adventures, reach terrains which have been untainted for centuries — Not quite.

You see fueling our excitement isn’t just all about doing what’s bold and unexpected. It’s without a doubt a huge part of it. But you must also seek openness, curiousness and being present.

Excitement encapsulates:

  • Standing at the edge.
  • Discovering the unknown.
  • Brand new ideas.
  • Being in the moment.
  • Finding beauty in the unexceptional.
  • Outsourcing what is not your passion.
  • Embracing uncertainty.

When I was going out for a night of fun. I knew that I wanted to meet women. That was the reason for me to take deliberate action to go out. However, once I was out, that was forgotten. I was having fun and expressing myself. I was following the flow of things and enjoying the moment. The whole meeting women part was then subsequently taken cared of.  It was exciting. Know that what you at first seek out for may change during the course. Your original goal is merely a direction and not an end destination. When you go forward you need to frequently adjust your course.

We all start with petty goals. Like I want to be with 100 woman or I want to earn x amount of cash. Don’t avoid petty goals. That is what gets us started in the first place.

But be aware that while going through the process of trying to achieve it, you will gain knowledge. You will change as a person, and so will your direction and how you approach it.

Be in the moment. Be present in the journey and don’t be focused solely on the end goal.

Taking an unknown path is frightening; But in the unknown lies breakthroughs. In breakthroughs lies knowledge. The seek for knowledge is the spark for excitement. Be open to excitement and the random opportunities that will present themselves to you, if you just paid attention.

Excitement is now; not later. You have the choice.

Digest this piece of knowledge. Let it sink in. Then strive to cultivate it and begin to wake up excited. Share your thoughts below.

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