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Two of the most important people in your life, your boyfriend (or girlfriend) and your best friend, can’t stand the sight of each other.  They flat out hate each other.  You can feel more tension in the air when they’re together […]

The number one topic of conversation in music, television, and movies is a mystery — but one that’s a lot more interesting than UFOs, has nothing to do with crime, and doesn’t even necessarily involve much action at all. It’s […]

Contrary to what most women think, men are capable of expressing affection towards one another.  We just don’t express affection the way women do. Which is to say, we don’t blubber and squeal and embrace like a pair of zombie Care […]

There comes a point in every relationship when two people become so infatuated and comfortable with each other that they must screw it all up…this point is better known as “Meeting The Parents” (or marriage). Meeting your SO’s parents (Significant Other: […]

Are you waking up excited? Do you look forward to the task at hand? If so then congratulations, you are following your passion and you are better off than 90% of people who works at a soul-sucking job. If you’re […]

While a good handful of relationships end in flames, there’s those that end with a mutual agreement to move on from each other.  In some cases both parties recognize that they don’t belong together and decide they may be better […]

We’ve all been there. Crazy night out on the town and you end up letting some cute guy (or girl) from the bar take you back to their place. You’re feeling good, having fun, and end up staying the night. […]

For anyone involved in a long-term relationship, breaking up with your partner is never an easy thing to do.  Even if you’re the one ready to move on, there’s still a ton of fallout.  Rarely do things end in a […]

Dear Gentlemen, With the increasing number of modern independent women in the world, you often times blur the differences between what is considered polite on a first date and what is considered an act of overbearing masculinity.  We understand it’s […]

“Blow for me.”….Matthew McConaughey replies with a look of disbelief and embarrassment as his co-star Kate Hudson, aka Andie Anderson, holds up a tissue to his nose in front of all his buddies. “Come on, noone likes a Mr. Sniffles!” […]