I’m continuing to work at my audio version of Catalyst: A Techno-Liberation Thesis (2013). Everything will progress and it should be completed soon.

I’ve also got a copy of Center for a Stateless Society’s (C4SS) Kevin Carson’s book The Homebrew Industrial Revolution. Although I am not under any illusions that my very basic and amateurish booklet (inspired by the transhumanists, futurists and others I have dealt with) could compete with a text of such high value as Carson’s, I hope that at least some of my own radical ideas about equality and technology find a bit of validation in Carson’s work. Both books discuss quite similar themes and have similar influences, and it would be interesting to look at this.

In the meantime, for apparent technical reasons and my own exhaustion, I must refrain from writing this post to any great length. Hopefully, my next post will be more rewarding.

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