technology is a liberator

As I said in the last post, the results are not always fantastic, but technology throughout history achieves a lot more good than bad.

That’s my argument in my thesis, Catalyst, from back in 2013. Each time I look back on that book authored by my younger self I try to question it, but I arrive at the same conclusions.

That book still sums up my view of technology, science, ethics, the development of civilization, and the future. My brand of futurism is captured in that book still, with the view that technology is a liberator. Even the more dangerous and uncertain technologies predicted in the future, such as nanotechnology and new, utilitarian artificial life forms, will be liberators. But not unless we liberate them, first.

My thanks to everyone who bought Catalyst, and I encourage you never to put it down as the coming decades prove my predictions to be true. If you can’t hold it, you may soon be able to hear it, as I do indeed plan to produce an audio book version of it once I get the time, narrated in my own voice of course.

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