Un menteur est toujours prodigue de serments.

A liar is always lavish of oaths.

Pierre Corneille

The migrant refugee crisis taking place in Europe is filled with scenes of irony and poetic justice, as European countries smeared in Syria’s blood are forced to take a bite of the destabilization they encouraged in Syria.

Saudi apologist

The Syrian rebels’ dream of a stone age Syria that cannot resist against foreign wars and oppression has been made a reality in some devastated regions of the country

Years of “chemical weapons” lies and calls for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to resign have failed to damage the man. One by one, the people telling these lies have gradually found themselves politically wrecked and themselves forced to resign, going into the history books as losers before they could harm Assad. In trying to set fire to Syria for its resistance to the criminal and illegitimate terrorist campaign by Turkey against its sovereignty, so-called western countries have managed only to set themselves on fire. Ultimately, leaders proved to be as incompetent as the illiterate terrorists and dunces they were training and arming to rule a the new stone age “Syria after Assad”. The current so-called crisis of migrant refugees shaking Europe today is but the latest manifestation of blowback against European and American politicians who appear now to be on the brink of self-defeat due to their aggression.

Despite their deliberate perpetuation of the conflict and the current stream of refugees who stand as a testament to their latest violent failure to spread fake “democracy” in the Middle East, some politicians and journalists are stupid enough to try to blame Assad yet again, for all their own problems and failures. Despite repeating again and again that Assad is no longer legitimate, i.e. responsible for governing his own country, we have no shortage of things to blame him for in that very country. In fact, we blame everything on him, including all the crimes of the rebels we support against him.

Not a single humble attempt to re-examine the disaster of our own plan to make Assad disappear has been made. Instead, the “regime” of Assad is to blame for everything that happens to it, despite the fact it ruled Syria peacefully for multiple decades without provoking anyone to flee the country. Why do we blame him? Because our governments don’t like him, therefore everyone else is innocent and he must be the bad guy. Childishly, we would say that our blatant support for terrorists and our blatant bombing of the Syrian people is all Assad’s fault, because we hate him and he won’t die! He made us do it!

What will happen if Bashar al-Assad is removed from power in Syria is not a democratic transition or an end to the bloodshed. Anyone who makes such promises is either a liar or a complete imbecile who would be unable to tie his own shoelaces, never mind explain some kind of coherent strategy.

We already know what happens when we attack a country for “regime change”, so why advocate repeating such failures? It is already happening in Libya after the fall of Gaddafi, and Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Yet the legion of imbeciles and liars still cling to their fantasy that what has never been done in any conflict in history, and has only killed millions of people and plunged the region into further civil wars, will yet be achieved in Syria. War for democracy has failed every single time, but people are still dumb enough to think it might work the next time. They are willing to get everyone in a country like Syria killed, to attempt this newest experiment in the long line of failed “democratic” coups and dictatorships.

Europe has little choice but to open its borders to the refugee streams it and the United States created by murdering Syrians, but it should not expect the refugees to love Europe or integrate into this society. They don’t want to be in Europe at all. What Europe will become, because of its support for endless war and oppression of humanity under US leadership, is the world’s largest refugee camp. It will become a boiling pot for resistance and reprisals against its aggression, and Europe will never be the same again. None of this was necessary, but Europe chose to side with endless American wars and oppression for “democracy” and now it must live with the consequences.

Letting refugees into Europe doesn’t vindicate Europe for its involvement in racism and colonialism, but proves that Europe is still a pack of racist and colonial regimes. The experience of Syria’s refugees will be chronicled somewhat like the Native Americans. First, their homes are destroyed by maniacs and political arsonists who believe their so-called western civilization is superior. Second, they are displaced by the violence and blamed for it at the same time. Third, they are to be assaulted daily by gendarmes and housed in concentration camps or reservations, where their standard of living, their religion and their culture are suffocated by the regime that destroyed their country and then arrogantly claimed to shelter them.

Refugees ought not to come into Europe from Syria with any sense of salvation or sense of love for Europeans, but contempt for their historic and recent oppressors. It need not be said, because the truth of the hypocrisy and aggression that displaced them is already a scar on these people, sometimes literally.

By Harry J. Bentham

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