Spiderman is a misunderstood hero. Heroes try their best serving society, but someone or something holds them up. They’re not doing something the right way. There’s a certain amount of suspicion. Heroes are misunderstood.

The hero

Peter Parker is student by day and Spiderman the crime fighter and hero by night.

Spiderman is Peter Parker genetically enhanced—but it serves the society he is in, as a crime fighter and protector.

His ability to fight crime came with a bite from a genetically enhanced spider.

Sometimes, his actions are called into question. But becoming a hero was a genuine event.

Heroes have something in life that pushed them out of their zone. It probably wasn’t a spider, but something that prompted them to help or serve beyond what was their usual capacity.

All the same, heroes are still who they are underneath. Still that guy or girl from that hometown or city who does those ordinary, normal things.

A regular guy

Heroes are still regular guys and girls.

Parker is a student, a pizza delivery guy, and he’s in love with a young woman who is a student by day and actress by night. He is a regular guy.

He has his problems. He’s picked on and rejected. It may be because he’s a “nerd”, a science whizz.

He makes tentative steps towards Mary Jane Watson, a girl he admires from afar, he’s the secret admirer.

All in all, his life has its ups and downs, but takes his life with a steady stride. He’s not phased or distraught by the downsides. He lives on an even keel.

However his newly found abilities enable him to do more. It doesn’t mean his life will change and he’ll become popular all of a sudden and win the admiration of many onlookers.

It does mean that while his actions can be misconstrued as Spiderman, he is still protecting the masses and helping the world from going down the tubes.

This year Spider-Man: Homecoming is released. After his turn as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Tom Holland is donning the Spidey suit again, after Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire before him.

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