Animation Sing is anthropomorphic. That means there are animal characters with human characteristics. In Sing (2016) anthropomorphic characters take to singing for an American Idol-like competition.

When you think about the movie Sing, think about any of the singing / musical competitions that pit wanna-be musicians to enter the music field. Sing is like that, not exactly like that, but reminds me of it.

Money is up for grabs and a shot at the limelight.


There is an audition of hundreds at a koala’s theater, a theater which is not making a profit.  The koala, Buster Moon, is trying to drum up more interest in his once successful theater business by staging a singing competition.

From the auditions, a few get chosen for the final: a talking mouse with a Frank Sinatra cool to his demeanor, a talking baby elephant that’s shy but has a singing voice that will blow you away. A mother pig who has an unique way in looking after her children, a gorilla with a great singing voice whose father gets into trouble, and a punk porcupine who likes playing her guitar hard. There’s also another pig—German sounding and extroverted and likes getting in the zone.

It would seem these competitions could bring out all the envy and jealousy that comes with the ugly in competitiveness. However, most of the time, it’s doing the best one can do to secure the prize. That means competing, but focusing on what one does best. If you focus on your job at hand then a good even great performance may follow.

Falling on hard times

Buster Moon’s failing business puts a spanner in the works, though. He’s the one holding the competition together, but sadly not. Sad things happen despite good intentions, despite everyone trying to make a go of it.

However, that’s not the end.

The unexpected difficulties remind us that while competition is such an individual thing, hard times can bring everyone together like a family instead of putting one above the other or going their separate ways. There’s a yellow-reddish warm glow to that.

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