As hard as it is to believe, Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man has frenemies. If we didn’t know, frenemies are friends who become enemies even as they are still friends. Frenemies may break with you before you break up with them. If you had known any better you would have broken with them first. But you’re the victim in this equation and may learn from it.

Good friends?

Spider-Man has quite a few frenemies. In the original Spider-Man movie (in 2002) Spider-Man’s friend-enemy is Norman Osborne whose alter ego is the Green Goblin and the list continues into the last Spiderman movie. What a sad life Spider-Man has.

This shouldn’t be Spider-Man. He should have many good friends. He’s a superhero, protects the innocent, and as Peter Parker is kind to his family.

As Parker, he’s good at science and freelances in photography for a local newspaper. He has a girlfriend.

I guess I expect that Peter Parker should be more popular, but then again he gets bullied and picked on.

Not even the saving graces of life can save him from not being popular and having frenemies. That’s reality. But having frenemies is not really his fault because they have problems of their own.

Dealing with frenemies

Frenemies in these superhero films have personal histories, inadequacies, jealousies, and problems with power and greed. It all comes out in their alter-egos. So Norman Osborne who is quite a friendly man to Peter Parker becomes a staggeringly awful piece of humanity when he is Spider-Man’s and Peter Parker’s frenemy. He doesn’t care if his friend is hurt, he doesn’t care what he does to others in the cause of his nefarious mission.

The question of frenemies is how does one deal with being a victim of one?

Spider-Man must first deal to what the frenemy is doing to the world. First and foremost Spider-Man serves society.

Then he deals with the personal stuff.

To open yourself again to other people after experiencing the worst of friendship means they accept you as you are and you accept them as they are.

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