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At look at this weekend’s movies shows a theme of change and one film seems to have the good old family secrets theme.

I’m not saying the plot or storyline has that change theme because I haven’t seen any of these movies, yet. But looking carefully at the premises on any marketing media for the films and you’ll see that change theme.


Yet this is nothing new. Change is one of the constant themes at the movies. The character’s equilibrium is disturbed and a change takes place. The character’s sense of peace is challenged and he or she goes through a change.

It’s weird that change which is supposed to be so exciting is actually quite predictable since change is what happens to characters all the time.

But it’s in the way it’s done that may count.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) is the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and there’s a hint of change indicated in the premise, abut Peter Quills (Chris Pratt) “true parentage”.

Family secrets

Having a “true parentage” out there somewhere indicates that Peter Quill may discover it on his way. Some change in his environment must happen to get there.

The theme of children discovering something about their parents can change the children from inside out.

This is where the theme of family secrets comes in. The unraveling of family secrets is compelling. The characters are changed by the revelation or the discovery of a long-held truth that someone from the family was in the dark about.

The question we may ask is what good does revealing the secret do? Should the secret have been hid all together?

If your mother knew something about you and you didn’t know and she told you, how would you feel? What if it was a bombshell? Could revealing the secret be destructive?

It seems we need to have the wisdom to know when to reveal and when to withhold information.

I guess this may lead into when Peter Quills is on the brink of discovering his so-called “true parentage”.

Who reveals it and why?

How is it revealed?

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