One of the most amazing aspects of being a parent is having the opportunity to watch another person grow, evolve and ‘become’ right in front of your eyes. From the little baby to the toddler to the child and beyond, it is awe inspiring if you really stop and think about how we come into this world, all the things we learn, the information we retain  and who we become.

I love watching Caidin. He has so many interesting aspects to who he is and today I wanted to share just a few of them.

Everything is a song. For Caidin everything can be turned into a song, and the song is even better if it has a heavy beat.

He is incredibly forgiving. I do not know another person who forgives as completely as he does. It is an amazing attribute to have. It may take him some time to process a wrong, but once he does, he forgives completely and totally.

When he draws he tells the whole story. This one took me a while to get. I thought he was just scribbling. But one day I asked him what he drew and he explained the whole story, which was all on one sheet of paper. So he starts with an image and then draws the story all around it. There is something fascinating about this that I am still working to understand. To the right you will see one of his drawings. We had watched ET (him for the first time) and after it was over my husband said ‘I wonder why they never did a sequel?’ And then we started talking about what the sequel would be. This was Caidin’s sequel. It’s called E2 and he’s told the whole story in this one drawing of ET’s return to help save Elliot who is in trouble.

Family and community is important. For Caidin family and community is very important. If we had unlimited time to just do whatever we wanted, he would be most happy if we spent all of our time reading, playing games and interacting. TV and video games are a distraction for when he can’t be doing something with us.

He brings light to people. I can remember when we first moved to Poughkeepsie. The move was a total lifestyle change. We went from Brooklyn, NY where we walked everywhere, didn’t own a car and lived in 700sq. ft, to Poughkeepsie where we had our own house, 3 acres, needed two cars and drive everywhere. One of the first things we needed to do was get cars. So we were at a used car lot and Caidin was really excited. He was asking everyone who would listen questions about everything. The car dealer was drawn into Caidin’s question to such a degree that he was completely ignoring us and the fact that we wanted to buy a car. At one point the man turned to me and said ‘what’s he some kind of genius?’ It made me laugh. And the man was transported into some other world and his energy and his demeanor were completely different from when we first arrived. I’ve watched Caidin’s openness, love and joy transform many people .

He knows things. Caidin is connected to his overall knowingness and sometimes he even surprises me. A few weeks ago I had a really bad migraine. Caidin, taking after how I help him when he doesn’t feel well, was trying different things to help get rid of my headache. He did a little reflexology, he moved some energy around my space. And then I got up to go the bathroom. I closed the door and I could hear him scampering around. When I finished, I opened the door and Caidin spring out and scared me. I yelped in fright. His dad yelled at him for doing it, knowing that I had a migraine. And once I calmed down I asked him what he was thinking. He said, I thought scaring you might make the headache go away. I stopped and realized, indeed my headache was gone. The adrenaline rush displaced the migraine. I laughed, hugged him, thanked him and suggested that although it worked, I wasn’t sure it was a good technique to try and repeat.

I could go on and on with things I know about Caidin, but my point is, when we are conscious, when we really see our children, there are so many amazing, wonderful, intricate, curious things we can discover about who they are, why they are and what contributes to the things they do.

Each child is different, each child has their own gifts, their own insights and each has their own unique impact on the world around them.

And touching back on my article from the other day, accepting our children(Can You Accept Your Child For Who They Are?) for who they are and in all that they are and then supporting them in ways that will help them be the best version of who they are, is one of our most important roles as parent.

© 2012 Christine Agro

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