When we choose Conscious Parenting there is no shortage of teachable moments. Almost every situation offers us a moment to share insight, to point out something unique about ourselves or the world and to help our child become critical thinkers about not only their lives, but the world we live in.

The question at hand is always two-fold: ‘Why and for what?’ Why are we having this experience and for what reason. What are we trying to learn and in what way is this learning unfolding in our lives.

Jealousy is an interesting energy and it tells us so much about ourselves. Often confused or lumped in with envy, jealousy is definitely not envy.

When we are jealous we have anger or resentment come up. We don’t like that someone else has something that we want and our reaction is to act out. We display insecurity, we become mean, we seek to make the object of our jealousy less. Aside from offering insight into our own life lessons and offering us an opportunity to learn, grow and heal, I don’t find jealousy to be a productive energy.

Envy on the other hand shows up as a wistfulness for something that someone else has. Whether it’s their life-style, or it’s  something they own or it’s something in their personality; we look at them and thing ‘I wish I had that.’ I find envy to be a great tool for us, because when we have conscious awareness of ‘envy’ we can stop wishing and start creating. When we are envious we can stop and ask ourselves, ‘is this something I really want?’ and if the answer is ‘yes’ then we can set about creating it in our lives.

Jealousy doesn’t have this saving grace. But it is a great teacher. Jealousy shows us where we have lack or where we aren’t filling in with our light and our own self-validation and self-appreciation.

Where envy is an outward experience that creates an inward experience; jealousy is an inward experience that creates an outward experience. In other words, we feel envy when someone has something (outward) and the experience is to have a sense of something missing or something that we want (inward). With jealousy, we first feel the anger or the resentment which is inward and then we lash out or project it out on the person or object that ignited our jealousy.

With our children it is infinitely powerful to help them first understand the difference in the two energies and then second, to help them learn what they need to learn from each experience.

With envy, they can learn to be happy for those who have something and then set about in their own way, creating the same or even more in their own life. We use ‘mock-up’ bubbles in our family. We see or say what it is that we want, envision a bubble, put what we want in it and hand the bubble to our Spirit so we can create it. We also use Flying Wish paper to write our hopes and desires on and then release these in to the universe.

With Jealousy, our children can learn that feeling good about ourselves comes from within. If what someone else has or is makes us feel angry or resentful, it’s time to turn our focus inward and find the things that make us feel good about ourselves.

Helping your child understand the difference and the gifts in both envy and jealousy now will support them for years to come.

© Christine Agro 2013

Christine Agro is a Mom, a Metaphysical Expert, an Internationally Renowned Clairvoyant. You can find out more about her, about private readings and about upcoming courses, talks and workshops by visiting www.christineagro.com

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