Caidin and Me Hugging

Caidin is a hugger. He loves to hug and be hugged. In fact, he can’t hug enough. Since I’m curious about why we do what we do and how that plays a role in our life lessons, I’ve done my own energetic research which means I’ve sat and looked at his energy and his energy around hugging. I’ve searched the internet looking for others who have ‘hugging’ children. I’ve watched the kids at Caidin’s school and observed the way in which they hug (or don’t hug) and I’ve read a few different posts from other metaphysical experts regarding their insight into the different spiritual groups of kids who are here on the planet today.

Prior to reading these accounts, I had created my own observations through my many readings of the Spirits coming into the world. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to read children during preconception, pregnancy and parenting readings. I didn’t put them into classifications, I’m not really a ‘classifications’ type as from what I see, we can adapt and shift as we grow in our awareness.

What I know from these readings, is that today’s children, not all, but many of them are arriving ‘fully conscious’, meaning they are retaining a connection to their own Spiritual information as a well as a connection to the ‘whole’ or the ‘one’ (depending on how you look at it) which offers a source of community beyond the human experience.

These children want Conscious Parents. They want parents who will see them and honor them and recognize that they are not less or limited because they are children, but rather what they need is guidance and support in learning to navigate the world they find themselves in as well as guidance and support in understanding their life lessons. (Read previous post)

Much of this plays into the hugging nature of our children.

I have found five primary reasons for hugging that are connected to who your child is and what they need or see at the moment. It is helpful to understand what is behind a hug, because as a Conscious Parent, you can meet the hug with the energy needed or given.

Reassurance: Children will hug when they need reassurance. I call this ‘the check-in’. It happens more often when children are little (toddlers) when they are beginning to experience a sense of individuality and learning to explore the world on their own. They will run off and play and then come back for a hug (check-in) and then run back off. It is reassuring to know that you are there. Think of yourself as ‘home’ with all the safety, warmth and security that ‘home’ offers. As your children grow up and go through different stages and phases you’ll still get the reassurance hug from time to time. Reassurance hugs are often quick.

How to respond: Be happy, say hello, ask a few questions and offer some words of reassurance or confidence. Point out that you will be right there as your child runs off just as quickly as she arrived.

Comfort: We all know the comfort hug. We’ve had a bad day, we are sad, we are scared or don’t feel good and we want a hug, we want the comfort of another being. Comfort hugs tend to be longer and sometimes just the hug is all that’s needed.

How to respond: Be open, hug from the heart. Ask questions if it seems appropriate. Try to help your child put words to their needs and what is behind those needs.

To Heal: One of the amazing things that I see about today’s children is that many of them are natural healers. Their presence helps those around them heal emotionally, mentally and physically. These same children can spot someone who needs healing and will often share their healing energy through a hug. This hug is given freely and openly, it can seem to come out of the blue and if you are conscious you will notice the ‘one-sidedness’ to the hug with energy being given and none being taken. If we are unconscious many of us can easily reject these hugs because we are not used to this flow of energy, we are more accustomed to energy being taken rather than given.

How to respond: Sometimes this type of hug is welcomed and sometime it isn’t. If you welcome the hug, say ‘thank you’; if you don’t welcome the hug say ‘thank you’ and explain why a hug isn’t needed right now. Also acknowledge your child’s ability to see your energetic state and help him to understand that sometimes we need to and want to manage our own healing.

So Happy To See You: I love seeing these hugs. When your child sees you their face lights up and they run with such joy and happiness, throwing their arms out and giving a big hug that matches their joy of seeing you.

How to respond: With an equally ‘happy to see you’ face and embrace!

Pure Love: Some of today’s children are just so full of love and light and their love for those around them is so all encompassing, they just want to hug. These hugs are big and deep and honest. They aren’t about need or want, they are about the pure expression of the joy and love and happiness that your child carries inside.

How to respond: simple, respond in-kind with a hug ‘just because’ that is open from the heart.

Spend some time thinking about the hugs that your child gives. What is he or she communicating through these hugs? Is there a need being expressed or is something being given?

It would be helpful to think about our own hugs too. We can become unconscious in our hugging, doing it in a routine, almost mechanical way. Put some awareness into your hugging and use it as a way to thoughtfully convey reassurance, comfort, healing, happiness and unconditional love.

© 2012 Christine Agro

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