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Here’s some good news to start your week:  research done at the University of Pennsylvania shows that people have the ability to train themselves to be happier no matter how they were raised or what is involved in their current …Read More

I know from comments to past posts that the issue of sleep…being able to get enough good quality sleep…is important to many of you. That makes me very happy, because caregivers typically are lacking in the quality sleep department. Common sense …Read More

Coming off of Father’s Day weekend seems to be a perfect time to focus on creating a stronger bond with dad.  Think of how the role of “father” in familes has changed over the years.  The medical community talks a …Read More

Feeling tired? Crampy? Cranky? Those are all common feelings among caregivers…but guess what?  They’re all common symptoms of dehydration! Other people who have been diagnosed with dehydration report feeling aches and pains (including chronic headache), constant stress, even depressed, and anxious.  …Read More

It’s the first day of summer! The summer solstice began at 7:28 am (EST).  History teaches us that this change can bring us much happy hope for the week ahead. Traditionally, the summer solstice signifies a time of celebration.  People felt …Read More

Exposing your true feelings may be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s worth it! Dig deep.  Think about your feelings and get them out.  Take a nice, deep, calmiing breath…be honest and gentle.  Sharing in this way will definitely help you to …Read More

Boost your mood, get rid of slugishness, and decrease stress with a little dose of morning sunshine. The sleep hormone melatonin can trigger a daytime grogginess that leaves you feeling frustrated and less than productive. The good news is, research …Read More

When you’re open to it, hope can come into your life anywhere, anytime.  When was the last time took some time to listen to and enjoy music? It can absolutely help to inspire you to create hope in your life! …Read More

Experiencing quality sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  In fact, experts I’ve interviewed tell me we need to think about the elements of overall health and wellness in terms of a triangle with Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep as …Read More