Jennifer Cares

Here’s some good news to start your week:  research done at the University of Pennsylvania shows that people have the ability to train themselves to be happier no matter how they were raised or what is involved in their current life situations!

Psychologists say the fastest way to get started is to try to replace any negative thought that pops into your head with a positive one.  Doing that may feel like hard work at first. I agree, but you can do this!

As soon as you feel a negative thought popping into that brain, stop anything else you’re doing and start focusing only on that thought. If you are imagining all of the worst things that could happen, quicky and deliberately start to think about all of the best things that could happen.  Force it if you have you.  Do it even if you don’t believe it. The key is in replacing  negative thoughts quickly and with consistency.  It won’t take too long until your brain starts to react that way on its own.

Practicing that way of thinking as much as possible will help you to develop new, healthy habits. You’ll start to see life in a happier, healthier way, because you are reacting to situations in a stronger, more positive way.

Here’s to a productive, hopeful week!


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