"full moon eclipse in libra" I believe it’s possible to predict the future. Pure prediction. Not based on anything but… it.

I’ve done it. I’ve had it done for me. Am I always right? No.

Am I mostly right? How do we measure this? Maybe if I gather all my longtime clients together and we take a poll.

I think a lot depends on the clarity of the question and… let me try to put this into words. Some events to come are just SO DEFINITE that it is a YES YES YES screaming out at you.

Today I was asked to predict someone’s future. Love question. Relationship question. What is going to happen? What is the future here? Is there a future here?

I had accurately predicted the “hook up” which reminds me: one thing that annoys me as a Tarot Reader is when a querent asks me: is the thing you predicted STILL going to happen? The anxious double-check. (But, yes, I get it. I check in too!)

Also some questions are more exploratory or spiritual or philosophical or metaphorical and some are more YES NO.

Today I gave a YES NO and then some.

Yes there will be positive romantic development. This is how she feels. This is how she sees you. And then other details stream in that may or may not be part of the exact question asked but I need room to roam. That’s how it works to me.

I rarely get anything visual, pictures and the like. I get thoughts, words, phrases.

And I love my new Tarot deck, Tarot of the Hidden Realm because it fires up my intuition. It’s a “traditional” Tarot deck but there is enough originality and creativity in the imagery that my mind can fly over and through.

One of my favorite cards: the Three of Wands.

We don’t see a happy faery family in the Rider Waite. We see a man, his back to us. Ships coming in? It’s more commercial, career and achievement. But here we have a scene that, for me, surpasses the happiness and contentment of the Ten of Cups!

I love the way their bodies are the branches and the branches are their bodies and hair.

Yes, my friend, positive developments.

Do you see the future? What do you see? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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