"new moon eclipse in pisces" Now here’s a card I haven’t seen lately and synchronicity alert! A gal in one of the chat rooms was talking about this card – the Six of Swords, a card I have always liked. A soothing Swords.

We’re not piercing through like the Ace or undecided stalemate like the Two or in pain like the Three or even in repose like number Four and definitely not defeated like the Five. With the Six we are moving forward, we are in transition, we are crossing the water. 

Now I did have a reading once where my Tarot gal saw this card as sad but I usually don’t. She saw it as… the person who I was having the reading about going in the same sad direction, as always, muddling along.

Context matters, yes. 

But when I see this card usually? I know things are getting better.

New Moon Eclipse in Pisces is this Friday. Eclipses END and BEGIN cycles and the sensitives are already feeling this rush of energy urgency in the air. Sometimes Eclipses usher in shocking change. Now if you are a reader of astrology blogs you will read all kinds of things, some doom and gloom, some talking about the end of a 19 year cycle but I think the most important thing to note IS indeed the NEWNESS of it all and that this baby is being born in the Pisces House of your natal chart, at 29 degrees which is pretty damn powerful accumulated Pisces energy. ALL THE POWER OF PISCES in one place! In your chart! What does it aspect?

It may feel very Six of Swords to you, the slow crossing. Or it may feel very Judgement (another card I drew just now), the card of REBIRTH. I think you may feel BOTH: the huge hallelujah shift that hesitates before the breakthrough. Or it’s that you are totally reborn right here right now but you still have to… get somewhere and that somewhere is in real time. Know what I mean? You’re not the same person, but you still have to take out the garbage.

Set an intention for this one. Don’t miss it. I’ve got a spell going already and I know my candles won’t be done by Friday so it will cover and lover the Eclipse energy and I’ll make sure to include a special devotion before I got to bed on Thursday night and thus wake up from my dead slumber life Friday morning into the NEW.

Wishing you good cards xx

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