"saturn in sagittarius" I like shuffling the Tarot Illuminati because it is so thick and hard to shuffle, and we see the Six of Pentacles this morning, one of those complex cards according to Rachel Pollack (who I love love love love).

But even with my glasses, which I need to read, I get a bit overwhelmed by the detail in this card, far fussier than the Rider Waite version, which actually I think is KEY here.

For me, this is a card of financial anxiety. I know we tend to see and feel that with the FIVE of Pentacles for example, but the theme continues with the Six, even though we are often assured that we’ll get what we need — specially if we ask.

Is this a card of charity? Of begging? Of getting? Of giving? They couple in the card hold open their hands BECAUSE they need. They wouldn’t be on their knees otherwise and thank heavens for this kindly gentleman who may be God or Angel or best friend or bank or mysterious benefactor. Important to note that he looks peaceful, not upset. I think he’s happy to help, and yet. And yet who wants to be on their knees hoping for a coin? To which bill today shall we send this coin?

"six of pentacles" Thinking of the other Sixes: we don’t feel triumphant as in the Six of Wands. We’re not crossing the river as in the Six of Swords. We’re not rekindling old love Six of Cups style. Instead we are receiving gifts. REMEMBER THAT. You get what you need here. You’ll make it.

How to deal with being in this vulnerable position? What helps? I draw again. Empress.

Remember who you are, your true nature, despite any financial or physical (Pentacles rule over health matters as well) fluctuation.

You will harvest, you will harvest, you will harvest, says Empress. You ARE the harvest. Don’t give up.

Wishing you good cards xx

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