"queen of pentacles" The most important thing to know, the least you need to know, about the Tarot court cards is about RANK. A Page is not a Knight is not a Queen is not a King.

Queens are powerful, yes, Mistresses of Their Domain, yes, but you’ll sometimes read that their power is more, um, social (versus outright achievement). A Queen is not a King.

Thus today I was happy to see the KING of Pentacles when I drew for a long-time client who wanted to know whether she was going to “go up a notch” in her career this year. And she meant power. And she meant money. And my cards told me YES. Now EVEN IF I had gotten a Queen I probably would also have said yes, but the King? Even better. Yes.

The Queen of Pentacles is the EARTH queen. I am trying to remember something I read in Angeles Arrien a while ago — about this Queen being in charge of eating well and diets and that sounds kind of small, but it’s not really because it’s about NOURISHMENT, getting fed, staying fed, and healthy in a real way, a grounded way, which is needed because without that we cannot grow, we cannot do, we cannot be. We waste away without apples. We waste away without salt. We waste away without the Queen of Pentacles who feels to me like a Ceres figure as I write here this evening. Ceres who decided when the crops would live and die.

I bought a new deck the other day. Tarot of the Hidden Realms and for the first time I am reading the guidebook as I get to know the cards and it is super fun and that’s the deck I pulled from this evening (although the classic Rider Waite is pictured here). Voluptuous, fire-haired, fruit-wielding, bejeweled Queen of Pentacles.

She is practical. She is faithful. She is resourceful. She welcomes you home. She genuinely cares. Does she sound boring to you? She’s not boring in the Hidden Realms. She may be rooted, it’s true, and not all dramarama like the Queen of Wands or poetess like the Queen of Cups or knife you in the back like the Queen of Swords, but it’s the kind of rooted that is perfect for belly dancing (yes I was watching belly dancing videos yesterday). Many belly dance movements are about isolating muscles and making small adjustments. You are not supposed to wiggle and free-fall all over. There is frame and structure from which the undulation pours.

Wishing you good cards xx

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