"full moon eclipse in libra" Many of you seem to be reporting similar experiences, post-Eclipse: exhaustion, irritation, difficulty sleeping.

The transits are not too too bad these two weeks between the Eclipses and yet it’s this… feels like this difficult caustic troubling bubble. Harder to hear the birds. I heard one just now: caw caw caw. Reminded me of home.

The Ace of Swords is today’s Tarot and I drew this card with a question in mind, a vague one perhaps, but something I don’t always do. Sometimes I draw just to draw, for the column.

The Ace of Swords, I recall, is victory. A good card. A YES. But it’s a sword! It’s sharp. Edges, edgy, pointy, pointed, painful, can hurt you, can slice — but we don’t have to think of the destruction and death of the sword, right? We can apply that edgy pointy destruction and death to our fears and our worries and just pierce through. Cut through. Victorious.

There is a grand hand from the clouds gripping the upright sword. There is a crown the sword is wearing! Or is it that the sword penetrates the crown and if so what does that mean?

It’s dark. Crescent moon. Purple flowers adorn the blade. And the clouds! What clouds! What clouds are these? Have you ever seen such clouds? They don’t just cluster. They guard.

Perhaps we are being told to strike at night, to seek victory after dark, but whose hand is this? Our own? An angel? God him/herself? Who is this incredible helper handing us AH YES THAT’S IT!

This incredible helper is handing us, is GIVING US, the Sword of Victory.

Remember: Aces are potential and possibility. Nothing is assured here but it’s a good start a very good start leading to…

the Eight of Wands (yes I drew again!). Once you get started, it won’t take long. Swift movement. Messages back and forth. And the Sun: success! But oh oh oh oh oh how heavy the sword is! What or who will help us carry it?

First of all, remember that it’s not you who has to carry it. You have help here. But let’s draw one more: the World 🙂

Are you feeling this? It’s all I want to feel. That it can be. That I can have.

Eclipses, if nothing else, shake things up, and sometimes for the better.

The upcoming Full Moon Eclipse is in Libra and it’s not a particularly friendly one. Both Uranus and Pluto make hard aspects to the Moon, causing stress (and emotional eating). Happy Jupiter makes an easy aspect though, a saving grace. You see the silver lining.

So if you meet a friendly Knight along the road, or God or Goddess or Helping Hand and she or he offers you a sword — think of it as your get-out-of-jail-free card — and take it.

It’s yours.

Wishing you good cards xx

PS I have a new class beginning April 10th. Look here for details. 

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