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"venus in pisces" I was praying. Really, I was praying. Out loud. Something like this:


I didn’t even mean good in terms of Good News but one that I hadn’t seen lately or one that would be fun to write about.

Nine of Cups guy: he’s not going to let you down. He’s got Nine Cups of what you need. Taste one and then taste another, until you’ve sipped each nectar.

The other day I was writing about the Two of Swords. Blindfolded she, and guarding her heart.

And now He with his arms across his chest but heart is open. If you were sitting next to him, you could touch it. You could put your ear against it. Hear it. His body likes your body, O Querent, but there is no longing here. The deal has been sealed. That’s why he looks so happy. At you. This card is pure gift. Count your blessings when you see it because you have many to count, far more than Nine. Nine is an illusion.

They call this the Wish card. Wish Come True card. Feeling pleased, feeling pleasure. Some say he looks smug but maybe after all these years, you deserve it, a little swagger.

For the astrologically interested:

Venus entered Pisces today. Venus is blessing the Pisces sector of your chart, joining Mars (and Neptune and Chiron). It will square Saturn in Sagittarius, just as Mars did — which is another reason to love seeing the Nine of Cups today: because Venus square Saturn is the antithesis of ease in matters of heart and desire. Venus square Saturn sets up a false limit. You believe you aren’t enough. Aren’t good, pretty, worthy enough.

I want to caution you: do not take any somber moods to heart or any self-esteem dips to heart this week.

If you want to work with Venus Saturn magic, here’s a thought:

Saturn, in astrology, is structure. Saturn rules bones and skin: the stuff that hold you up, holds you in, keeps you together, protects you.

Venus is your love nature. Venus, among other things, rules apricots and apples and bouquets and nectar and peaches and perfume and roses and swans and suitors and…

A square between two planets, in general, reveals tension or tightness, strain, pressure, even restlessness. Ill at ease.

When Venus and Saturn are squaring, we may not feel we can express our love or our sexuality or our desire. We inhibit our roses and swans.

So one thing you can do is create a structure. This will make serious Saturn happy. Create a structure for your heart, for your art, for your desire. A structure for your roses and swans. This will make Venus happy. Sew something. What is that you say? Can’t sew? Me neither. But there are other ways.

What that structure should be is up to you and your Venus, but with Venus transiting Pisces I’d say there really is no limit. Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House represent (among other things) the mighty merge. Example: the ocean. Can you separate the waves? You cannot separate the waves. You are not separate from the ocean. Just like you cannot separate the kiss of true lovers.

This truth that I have just presented to you is the limit itself, the fear. In other words: the knowledge that you really can have what you want and being okay with that.

Wishing you good cards xx


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