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"full moon in leo"

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I like this one.
Far as Swords go, I like this one.

Calm. Stable. Calm stable woman. Big Heavy Sword. Two of ’em. Balance, balanced. Doesn’t need to see. It’s not that she’s been blindfolded. I mean, she has. But that’s not the important part to me. The important part is that she DOES NOT WANT TO SEE.

We could see it as:

she is not permitted, but I am going to go with her agency here. She chose this. She chooses not to choose. Or chooses not to see. Not to know. That’s okay. She’s guarding her heart. I guess she needs to. And yes those swords do look heavy but she’s still, Full Moon still. Raging water.

Don’t even TRY, she says. Don’t try to decide for me. Don’t try to coax or cajole or coerce. I’m just gonna sit RIGHT HERE on this stone slab RIGHT HERE under the Full Moon in front of the water, right where I belong, alone. I belong alone now. I like being alone. I need being alone. I have long dreamed of nights like this. I come out here just for this. To sit, without seeing, without knowing, letting go my need to see and to know, under the light of the moon. It smells… amazing. What is there to see, anyway? When I can smell the water and smell the moon, my closed heart like a fist. You think you know me. But I don’t even know me. That’s why I sit here. That’s what I know. Noli me tangere.

I take this card as good advice. When you don’t know what to do, do this. Nothing. Sea. Silently. At all.

Wishing you good cards xx


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