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"mercury retrograde" Aces, I think, are usually good news. Wands, fairly often, good news. Suit of PASSION and fiery red! And as I am fond of saying: Aces are POTENTIAL and possibility. Not a done deal, nope. An Ace is a maybe of opportunity, not a guarantee. A good start though, yes.

In the Palladini deck, a hand reaches out from clouds holding the Wand (or Rod). Flowers and leaves sprout at the top. Night and day in one card: starry skies and cool blue mountain streams.

This card can foretell (depending on the context) sexual desire or fertility or pregnancy or new creative projects or vitality returning, but really it depends, as always!

One thing is for sure: when you see the Ace of Wands, you’ve got a green light so you may as well GO. 

How has your year been so far? We’re halfway through January. Have your 2015 resolutions slipped away? Did you make any? I admit, mine have shifted focus already. I’ve got new projects underway and it feels like… some things that were so important to me, just a few weeks ago, are already fading (eventually to resurface I’m sure). I’m going with it.

Mercury goes retrograde next week in air sign Aquarius so expect… the unexpected!!! Aquarius is “ruled” by the planet Uranus and expect the unexpected is one of Uranus’ common key phrases.

Here is where I think the Ace of Wands could potentially possibly help you. If you feel that already you’ve misplaced something that matters, the retrograde period could bring it back to you: lost love, lost keys, lost passion, lost poetry, lost soul.

Was that one of your New Year’s resolutions too? To get your love key passion poem soul back? Yeah, me too.

Wishing you good cards xx 

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