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"new moon in aquarius" Hmmm. Hmmm says the Four of Cups. The right to refuse. The I don’t wanna. That’s how we see many renditions of this card, but not always, and here I was hoping for a fun card, a sexy card. Nope! The Four of Cups ain’t that. But we’ll work with what we got.

Cups are water, Cups are FEEEEEEEEELINGS. The Four is stable, not going anywhere, just like this Four of Cups mood. Could be depression, inertia. Shoulder shrug. Eh.

Look a little closer (I am looking at the Connolly deck) and we see an Angel. A delivery angel. A UPS angel. Angel’s got a cup, same size as the other three. A GOBLET!  The goblet is bigger than the angel’s arm.

Is said angel preparing to anoint you? To hit you on the head? To give a present because you only have three and four is a set? What’s in this cup and is it different than the others? Poison? Remedy? Potion? Love elixir? Fountain of youth!!!!!!!

That’s you, right there, looking straight ahead. We’re not sure if you see the angel or are ignoring the angel but one thing is certain: the angel IS there. The angel is real. Please know that YOU HAVE AN ANGEL when you pull this card.

We have a wonderful New Moon coming on Tuesday, January 20th, in Air sign Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, the container, vessel, cup! How perfect to have drawn this card then. The angel is the cup-bearer here, water-bearer, messenger, message of hope. What’s in the cup? See? Hope is in the cup but you aren’t sure you want it. You don’t want to look. Maybe there’s a dragon in there. Something bad. Maybe you’ve been to the Seven of Cups before (Google it!) and you know what awaits you mere numbers from now!

And it’s not that the Four of Cups is hopeless, it’s that you’ve gotten somehow stuck like a message in a bottle. The New Moon can wake you up. That’s what Uranus does, Aquarius’ ruler, with its sudden shocking dance moves! If you know someone (or you yourself!) having a wild time these days, life-wise, quite possible they are under a Uranus transit, God of the Erratic, the Eccentric, Futuristic, and seemingly mis-matched.

"new moon in aquarius" Truth is though, these things had to happen anyway. Uranus teaches us that our free-will is limited and the paws of God are all over our face.

No one WANTS to see the Four of Cups, not really. We want to see WORLD and STAR and EMPRESS and Six of Wands and Ten of Pentacles and Three of Cups and… so on. But life is more than the peak experience. Life is also eh and regret and feeling stupid and not seeing the angel in your garden.

Tarot can show us what we’re missing.

Wishing you good cards xx

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