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"new moon in aquarius"

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I am bummed. I am missing my meditation class. Just too much to do today and something about the weather. I know snow is coming and it just feels frigid and lonely to me. The air feels lonely. I didn’t want to take mass transportation (buses, ferries, trains) and feel all that freezing lonely.

I’ve got candles going for the New Moon in Aquarius but my intention is a bit loose and free. It’s a good New Moon, harmonious with Saturn, the Teacher, the Wise One.  One pink, one white, one golden yellow, and each has a reason to be on my altar.  Should I have written on the candles, sealed my hopes and wishes?

Had a conversation with a friend today who was telling me he doesn’t set intentions or resolutions — that they are empty promises, setting yourself up for failure. I feel differently though. To me they are like flags. There is nothing wrong with a flag. Flags are neutral. Sure there are flags we don’t like to see but what is a flag underneath the intention and the ideal? Something that will stand up to the weather.

That’s us. We’re strong. We stand up. To the weather.

Today’s Tarot is the Judgement card. I tend to see this card as good news, as YES, rebirth, awakening, absolution, beginning, hearing the angel’s call, waking up!

The Major Arcana cards show us the cycles in our lives. Fate. Stuff we can’t get out of. Like astrological transits of the outer planets. These cards aren’t concerned with he said, she said. They aren’t necessarily concerned with your money or your food or your good looks. They are concerned with YOUR LIFE, Big Picture.

I suddenly see my life before me and behind me, and I am turning over cards for each lifetime, each card showing me the essence. Imagine that:  in one lifetime you can experience continual rebirth. Sounds exhausting I think. Because the endless rebirth assumes a Pluto-heavy chart, lots of loss and Death card and Tower card. Thanks for the Redemption, but I’d rather have a latte 😉

Still, it’s a good card for the New Moon because New Moons are the dark Moons when we do our magic in secret, in the hidden rooms, in the corner there, where the ghosts are hanging out. (Damn they look good. I got some good looking ghosts in this apartment!)

The Judgement card reassures us — that our magic made in secret this night shall bear beautiful fruit worthy of angels, with trumpets no less!

Did you set New Moon intentions?

Wishing you good cards xx


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