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Thus we continue with our continuing story of the Empress and Empress blogs, forsaking news of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer although Empress and Full Moon and Cancer are all pregnant with possibility fertility creativity roundness fullness expectant beautiful.

Hmm. Perhaps we should not forsake or forego at all but dive in. Tick tock. Dive in we shall.

Catch up here and here with earlier Empress blogs and stories of shamanic experience and psychic night flight.

Who is this mighty Empress I speak of?  She is Number Three Major Arcana, following Fool. Magician, and High Priestess. I decided to write a series on Empress because she played such prominent role in a reading/consulta that I recently received. Yes, I give them and get them. Empress my obsession. Living from Empress mind and body, not Page of Swords for example. Meaning what? The Page is a messenger yes but also a child, eternal student and apprentice. There are higher ranks from which to live. She has much to teach me.

Empress, like Full Moon, is grace, full bloom, ripe, heart-shaped, generative, Goddesses of Love. She is rich. She is harvest, abundant, belly, mother of nature, and nature herself. Empress does not question whether she is Empress.

And yet, I feel, all of it comes from within. It’s not the face or the body seen through the eyes, and it’s not a projection from outside. It’s all in the blood. That’s my metaphor of choice this evening. I bought a bottle of red wine and blogged about it, about the longing for a passionate life in 2015, red and ripe and rich and Empress joy.

I wish you a Happy New Year, my friends. I wish you an Empress year. I wish you a Full Moon of good news and revelation.

And I wish you good cards xx

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