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"empress tarot card meaning"Our series on the Empress tarot card continues thusly, revelations from this morning’s ferry boat ride. But, first, a story:

In my previous post (the link is here) I discussed a reading I got the other day which was part Divination (from the Tarot) and part Shamanic Journey. It was exciting for me to hear my shaman call on his spirit helpers, and that night, or maybe it was the next day, I began to assemble my own court of helpful creatures and guides. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to me.

Truth is, I was supposed to begin learning how to journey that very day, but the two or three previous days had left me feeling frazzled (an understatement and not quite accurate but good enough for our purposes here). What I wanted from my healer-teacher was clarity and cleansing. And I did get it. And I wound up learning an awful lot about shamanism in the process, from our conversation and from my own observation.

If you are a Reader-in-Training of any variety, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to GET readings from others, whatever your interest is.

I look forward to working with Oak. I have dogs that help me, dogs I’ve known, who have since passed on. Other animals too (which reminds me I need to get a bone or two for my dog helpers. To say thank you.) I have a group of Jewish “Goddesses” as well. Yes, I know Judaism (my upbringing) doesn’t have “Goddesses” like other religions do, but it also felt natural to me — to ask Rachel and Ruth to journey with, for, me.

But I am looking forward to working with Oak. Which leads us back to Empress — because “Earth Mother” is a phrase we see in association with Empress. The earth as she grows. Root Woman. Green Woman.

I was on the ferry boat this morning and thought to myself:  the Empress first and foremost is the body. I remembered writing about the animal camel in my first post (which actually has an inaccuracy that I must fix — “gimmel” is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet not the Modern Hebrew word for “three.”)

She is not the first feminine of the deck. That honor goes to the High Priestess, our psychic friend, but she is our First Lady of Pomegranate (fertility symbol seen on the Rider Waiter version of this card). And even though she is associated with fertility and literal pregnancy or childbirth, to me she is whole. She isn’t “about” the phallus or the seed. She is the bloom, the rose, scepter (see? she has her own phallus, no need for yours), crown, throne, leaves of green and lush. Earth Queen who has sprung like the tulips touching her gown.

She is my Oak. Ah, another recruit! Thank you, Empress.

Wishing you good cards xx

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