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Today’s Tarot card is the Empress but first a word about Saturn. And a story. And declaration of intent: I want to do a series of blog posts about the Empress. But, first, story time.

I got a reading yesterday, from a shaman. Part Tarot reading and part shamanic journey. What I realized: the language may be different, the lineage may be different, the cosmology, if there is one, different,  but often the same, or similar, answers arise.. Or, not answers, but the same main topics of your life present themselves. Different roads to the same hotel motel.

Quick example:  last spring I got a past-life reading. This shaman, yesterday, through his journey, brought to me some similar details and themes.

Saturn, in our birth chart, shows what must be integrated. Much of what this shaman had to tell me, ultimately, could be translated into astrology, into astrology language, into what I can call the Saturn Problem (for lack of a better term). It could be narrowed down thusly. He was, ultimately, describing my natal Saturn in Taurus.

Now if I sit with you and explain to you your birth chart, you’ll get it all intellectually, perhaps, the message or news that Saturn has for you. But if I go on a soul journey for you, I will still discover the same Saturn issue, but with story, more symbol. Saturn is now in the sign of Sagittarius, the storyteller, the journeyman(or woman).

And we can search high and low for new divination tools or techniques or time honored traditions (and that is fun and a worthy pursuit) but what it ultimately illuminates for me can be found in the natal chart. We come full circle. But so much richer.

For me the shamanic journey can be theatrical, yes, even cinematic — because it’s a very visual technique. We go on a trip! And it’s a technique where you ask for help. Yesterday, my reader asked for and received help from Sinterklaas, and there is plenty I can say about him — in terms of his connection to my own life, throughout my life — but for the moment I want to mention that the journey is a group effort. You and your peeps searching, searching.

Where Saturn is in your natal chart is… what is not fully you, at birth, but that which you must integrate.

Does this make sense?  Are you nodding your head? If I have confused you totally, you can always contact me about Subscribing to my Private Blog or Following/Friending me on Facebook because we can talk about these things more at length there.

That feeling of aversion is key to Saturn. You aren’t supposed to think of your Saturn and feel warm and fuzzy. You are supposed to feel some blockage there. But not stop there. Resistance is part of it. Resistance is Saturn. When you feel your own resistance, you know you have hit the right place. Exploration required!

Again, I remind you that Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius, the explorer. Even before the aspects to your Saturn or the house your Saturn is in, it’s the sign your Saturn is in that matters most. Saturn will tell you what you’re afraid of. Saturn will show you what goes bump in your dark night of the soul.

Now we begin a continuing series on the Empress card of the Tarot. I want to get to know her better. One way to do this is through writing.

I did a reading for a client this morning and the last card of the reading was the Empress! I do not remember the question now but I remember her face and the number three. The Empress is number three in the Major Arcana. Three is “gimmel” in Hebrew which is “gamal” — the camel. The camel has riders, I said. Who are your riders? Who are your guides? Who helps you?

When you see the Empress, she is an invitation to… spiritually connect. Yes I know she is a Venus card, a Taurus card, Earth Mother, Fertility and Creativity and Abundance and Mother, and we will be discussing these things, but for the moment simply remember that the camel, and the Empress, can take you far, very far, on your travels.

Wishing you good cards xx

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